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Here at, we LOVE finding great ways to pass the time when you’ve got what is effectively dead time to kill at the airport. Arrived at the airport early? Got nothing to do between lay overs? Waiting for a friend’s flight to arrive? Games are the answer, and has got you totally covered! All you need is a laptop, tablet, or phone, and you’re set to go. 

 Games are a really fantastic way of making the time pass by quickly, and there is no shortage of super fun games to play and explore on We have been browsing the site and there are so many amazing games to choose from, there is literally hours and hours of fun to be had! You’ll be able to pass the time at the airport quickly by immersing yourself in your favourite genre of game – there are over 100 categories of game to choose from, so no matter what your preference, there will be something perfect for you! 

Our Favourites on

Soldier Legend

Soldier Legend is a super fun defence game where you must defeat hoards of evil aliens! The controls are easy to master no matter what device you are playing on, which makes this a perfect game even if you only need to kill a short amount of time. The heavy metal soundtrack to this game is brilliant, and this is one that you should definitely have your headphones on to play in order to fully experience the game! 


Spaghetti is a hilarious, and weirdly addictive game that will keep anyone entertained for hours. The simple premise is to grow your string of spaghetti as long as possible by tapping to change the spaghetti’s direction. If it collides with itself then it’s game over! Although Spaghetti works just fine on a laptop or PC, it’s best on a phone or tablet. The soundtrack to this game is a kind of horror riff, which is an interesting choice to pair with a food based game, but just adds to the hilarity. We really love this game! 

Sweet Mania

Sweet Mania is the perfect game to load up if you’ve got kids with you. It’s simple but easy to get totally engrossed in, which is a fantastic way of keeping little ones occupied when there’s not much else to do at the airport. This game is a really simple match three style game that works particularly well on phones and tablets. There is no pesky timer on the rounds which makes it great for even the youngest players, as they can take their time to find all the matches they need to meet the level requirements. The levels are colourful and the animations are pleasant – next time we need to travel with toddlers, we are keeping this game up our sleeves as it’s perfect! There isn’t a soundtrack for this one, and it can easily be picked up and dropped, so it’s a good way of passing time when you still need to be semi-aware of what’s going on in the airport! 

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