Discover the joys of Ireland through delicious food

Ireland was the first place I ever travelled to as a solo female, and that first trip I took to Limerick, turned out to be the first in a continuous series of amazing travel adventures all over the world. The thing that really made this particular trip to Ireland a wonderfully positive experience, was my incredible experience with Irish food and hospitality – a combination that I have come to learn go hand in hand together. 

I had booked myself into a cosy looking bed and breakfast on the outskirts of Limerick, and on arrival I quickly realised that I had made the right choice. The bed and breakfast owners soon realised I was a solo traveller after checking me into my room, and they immediately invited me round to enjoy dinner with them in their home next door in the evening. Of course, I accepted their kind invitation, and ended up having a wonderful and very memorable evening which was full of Irish hospitality and delicious Irish food. I experienced the most incredible beef stew I have ever eaten, and had my first ever taste of traditional soda bread – something I have enjoyed many times since. We followed the meal with Irish coffee before my hosts took me to the local church to attend an organ recital with them! When I first set foot in Ireland, I wasn’t sure what adventures my trip would hold, but it certainly lived up to all of my expectations, and more! I was truly bowled over by this first taste of Irish hospitality.

Over the next couple of days, I explored the city of Limerick and all it has to offer. I wondered around the streets, finding all kinds of fascinating history, and amazing places to eat and drink. While wandering around to see what I could find was great fun, I’d definitely have a look on Squaremeal in future, to save a little bit of time, and investigate what’s in the area ahead of time.

My foodie experiences in Limerick are the first of a series of delightful Irish food-related memories. I’ve visited a few different Irish cities now, and have to say, I’ve had the most incredible food and drink in every single one of them. I think the Irish atmosphere makes everything taste a little better, if I’m honest. There’s nothing quite like finding a wonderful pub, bar, or restaurant that serves great homecooked or gourmet food that you can enjoy while indulging in conversation with a friendly local, or listening to talented musicians provide live music throughout the day and long into the night. 

There are many places I have yet to travel to and explore throughout the glorious country of Ireland, but I am certain that wherever I go, I will be met with amazing Irish hospitality and incredible food and drink. As a solo traveller, Ireland is a fantastic place to travel to as there is plenty to eat, drink, see, and do, all while feeling completely and utterly safe!


*this is a sponsored post – all thoughts and opinions are my own

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