3 memberships to enjoy with your children this year – 2023

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Any parent will know the value of a good day out. Somewhere where the kids can stretch their legs and run about outside, explore in nature, and perhaps even wander around a place of interest. Thankfully, there are a range of memberships to enjoy across the UK that will make sure you and your children are covered all year long.

Here are three of the most popular memberships to enjoy with your children in the UK:

National Trust

National Trust memberships start from just £10 for under 10s, and will grant you access to a vast number of sites across the UK. National Trust sites are usually wonderful child friendly places where the children can roam free and get plenty of fresh air. A quick postcode search on the National Trust website will show you all of the National Trust sites in your area. Take a look and see if these are places you would be interested in visiting often. If they are, consider investing in an annual membership!

English Heritage

English Heritage, much like the National Trust, offer all kinds of wonderful days out for the whole family. English Heritage sites include many historical sites of great interest including a number of castles. Many English Heritage sites will offer all kinds of super child friendly activities in school holiday times, making a membership go even further for filling your weekends and school holidays with fun. Take a look at the English Heritage website to find all of your nearest sites and decide if the cost (from £53) is worth it for your family.


RHS, or the Royal Horticultural Society offer memberships to their gardens across the UK. RHS gardens are an absolute joy to explore and there are often family friendly events in school holidays to enjoy at the gardens. Each of the gardens offers supurb outdoor play areas for children including sizable fairy villages, seasonal trails, and huge adventure playgrounds, mud kitchens, and rope courses. RHS memberships start at £71, and while there are only a handful of RHS gardens across the UK, an RHS membership will also grant you free or heavily discounted access to partnering gardens. Visit the website to find out more.

RHS memberships - Roonee

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