Keep the kids entertained on holiday with card games

Card games are an age old solution to keeping everyone entertained on holiday. Whether you have young kids, teens, or you’re on holiday with other adults, having a card game or two up your sleeve is always a great idea, whether you equip yourself with a traditional pack of cards, a kid friendly card game like Top Trumps, or you make your own deck of playing cards. You can enjoy some card games with the family once you’ve started to settle in for the evening, have a quick game while you are waiting for food to arrive at a restaurant, or use them to liven up moments that would otherwise be a bit dull, like waiting around for ferries and flights, or waiting for a rain storm to pass! If you’re a mum travelling alone with kids, card games can be an absolute life saver, and a pack of cards, or a card game is not to be underestimated! Just pop a pack in your bag, and get them out for the kids to play with when you need a few minutes of peace.

We were recently sent a fun card game to enjoy this summer, and it’s been a total hit with my twins. The bright colours drew them immediately, and the excellent quality of the cards means that this game will stand up to the test of sticky toddler hands just fine. The pack of cards contains 40 picture cards and can be used in a number of different ways – there are two of each picture card, which means it’s perfect for playing snap – the most simple card game out there – one that even the very youngest of players can understand.

The pictures on all of the cards in this particular game are all of things that you might see on the beach or while on holiday. This actually makes it a really fun object recognition game come scavenger hunt, and my toddlers have been keeping their eye out for all of the things on the cards!

As with all card games, the biggest joy of this game is how small it is. The same size as a regular pack pf cards, hours and hours of fun can be packed away into its box and popped in a bag, taking up virtually no space. To me, this is a big reason why card games are always a great option. You can have a pack of cards with you pretty much all the time without having to worry about carrying something bulky or cumbersome around with you. It’s especially useful for when you’re travelling and need to economise all the space you have!

It’s been a really long time since I’ve played any card games, but this adorable little game has reminded me of the sheer joy they can bring, especially when on holiday. I am now seriously thinking about putting together my own simple card game and having it printed for the next time we go away!

*this is a sponsored post – all thoughts and opinions are my own

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