Rolling with the twins – why a festival wagon is my latest parenting must-have

As a parent of almost four-year-old twins with complex needs, I’m constantly on the lookout for innovative solutions that make our daily adventures smoother and safer. Until recently, a sturdy buggy was my go-to (a Mountain Buggy Duet – 100% recommend), but as my twins have grown, I needed an alternative that could comfortably accommodate them while keeping them safe and contained. After some research and a bit of trial and error, I stumbled upon the magical world of festival wagons – and I haven’t looked back since.

Finding the perfect fit

With my twins quickly outgrowing their buggy but not being able to walk safely, I was in a bit of a dilemma. I wanted something versatile, safe, and, of course, budget-friendly. I often take the twins out flying solo, so having a decent transport solution is important for me. After reading reviews and scouring the internet, I decided to invest in a mid-range wagon, priced just under £100. For me, this was a significant purchase, so I wanted to ensure it ticked all the right boxes.

I’m happy to report that my chosen wagon has proven to be an excellent choice. It’s an Amazon find, and there were plenty of similar options available. While it doesn’t come with straps or seatbelts, my twins sit snugly inside, content and secure. I’ve found that popping one of our Close play mats on the bottom and another over the twins works well. The play mats have a waterproof side, so it keeps them dry (ish) in light showers too.

Rolling smoothly in our wagon

One of the key selling points of this particular wagon is its manoeuvrability. Even with my two not-so-little ones inside, it handles our trips well and it’s much narrower than our double buggy so we can get into places that we previously couldn’t. While I wouldn’t recommend taking it up steep hills, it’s a practical companion for most of our excursions.

The unfolding convenience

One of the standout features of most wagons I’ve looked at is its foldability. They tend to collapse into much smaller forms than our old double buggy, making them incredibly convenient for stowing away in the car when we’re on the move. This newfound flexibility has streamlined our outings, and I appreciate the reduced hassle of transporting our wagon.

Buying our wagon in retrospect

Looking back, I can’t help but think that if I had opted for a pricier wagon, it might come equipped with larger, more robust wheels that would make maneuvering even easier, especially with two big toddlers on board. While my current choice works well for our needs, it’s always worth considering your specific requirements and budget when exploring your wagon options.

In conclusion

If you’re a parent who often finds themselves transporting their children here there and everywhere, and conventional buggies or pushchairs are no longer cutting it, I wholeheartedly recommend looking into festival wagons. They’ve revolutionised our outings, providing a comfortable and secure space for my twins, and have proven to be a versatile addition to our parenting toolkit.

Over and out, Alex.

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