Solo Female Travel – Malcesine

Town and castle of Malcesine against mountains blue sky and a lake

As part of our series exploring solo female travel, we are taking a quick look at the lakeside town of Malcesine in Verona, Italy. Our findings from this small town will be similar to the other lakeside towns and villages across Italy! 

Solo Female Travel – Malcesine

Malcesine is a gorgeous lakeside town in Italy, and it’s a phenomenal place to explore. Visit from late spring to early autumn to enjoy al fresco dining, cooling dips in the water, and quaint cobbled streets to discover. 

The lakeside beach has pizzerias, bars, and cafés all nearby and it’d be easy to spend days on end lounging around on the beach, enjoying the stunning scenery and local emanates. If you manage to drag yourself away from the water’s edge, there is a picturesque hill to climb with a medieval castle at the top! The views from the top are breath-taking, and you can enjoy some gelato as you explore.

Travelling around Malcesine is simple – once you’re in the town, everything is within walking distance. If you want to explore a little further afield then there are local taxis that’ll take you wherever you want to go! 

When it comes to getting to Malcesine in the first place, it’s simple if you’re renting a car and driving. If you plan on relying on public transport then make sure you have thoroughly planned your journey. The nearest airport is Milan Bergamo, which is a bit of a way away. You can check out all of the transport options here, but they take anywhere between 1hr 30 and 4hrs, so make sure you’ve got a book to read while you’re travelling! 

You’ll find that English isn’t spoken widely in this area of Italy, and the more rural your journey gets, the less English speakers you’re likely to find. Make sure you’ve got an Italian phrasebook and a few key phrases written down just in case you need them. If you travel in summer then be warned, not all public transport has air conditioning so things are likely to get very hot!


Malcesine has low crime rates and feels safe to explore as a solo female traveller. It’s worth noting that there aren’t a huge number of people who speak English, so make sure you’ve got key safety phrases memorised!

If you’re planning on spending time in the water then make sure not to take any valuables to the beach with you, and if you do, don’t leave them on display! 

Town and castle of Malcesine with mountains and a lake against a blue sky
Credit: Unsplash

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