Autumnal adventures for families in London and the south east

Discover Nature’s Canvas

The South East of the UK, including London, transforms into a breathtaking canvas of reds, golds, and browns during the autumn months – it’s the perfect setting for autumnal adventures. Whether you want to explore woodlands, pick apples, or visit historical sites, London and the south east offers it all.

Ashridge Estate, Hertfordshire
Ashridge Estate is an autumnal paradise with its ancient woodlands and rolling hills. Kids can hunt for conkers, explore the magical Fairy Tree, or simply enjoy a peaceful walk through the colourful foliage.
Find out more and plan your visit here: Ashridge Estate

Orchard Delights

Pippins Farm, Kent
For an authentic Kentish orchard experience, visit Pippins Farm, where you can pick your own apples and pears. Kids love learning about the different apple varieties, and there are plenty of delicious products to take home.
Find out more and plan your visit here: Pippins Farm

Surrey Docks Farm, London
Surrey Docks Farm is an urban oasis with its own orchard. It offers apple-themed activities for families, from apple picking to crafting and tasting various apple-based treats.
Find out more and plan your visit here: Surrey Docks Farm

Historical Adventures

Hever Castle, Kent
Hever Castle, the childhood home of Anne Boleyn, is a fantastic place to explore with kids. Visit the Tudor village, play in the Water Maze, and admire the stunning gardens in their autumnal splendor. Hever Castle often puts on fun family events, so make sure to check the website to see what’s on this autumn.
Find out more and plan your visit here: Hever Castle

Hampton Court Palace, London
Hampton Court Palace offers a combination of history and fun for families. Roam the impressive gardens, get lost in the famous hedge maze, and enjoy the picturesque surroundings.
Find out more and plan your visit here: Hampton Court Palace

Wildlife Encounters

Kew Gardens, London
Kew Gardens is a year-round wonder, and autumn is no exception. Explore the natural landscapes and visit the wildlife-friendly areas, where you might spot dragonflies, squirrels, and lots of different bird species. Check the website to find out all about the wonderful seasonal events.
Find out more and plan your visit here: Kew Gardens

Buchan Country Park, West Sussex
Buchan Country Park is a hidden gem for wildlife enthusiasts. Wander through woodlands and wetlands, where you can watch the park’s diverse birdlife or embark on an insect hunt with the kids.
Find out more and plan your visit here: Buchan Country Park

Get Lost in a Maze

Tulleys Farm, West Sussex
Tulleys Farm is home to the famous Tulleys Maize Maze. It’s a fun and challenging experience for families, featuring intricate designs and puzzles to solve. A perfect day out for some autumnal adventures.
Find out more and plan your visit here: Tulleys Farm

Penshurst Place and Gardens, Kent
Penshurst Place boasts a beautiful 11-acre Maize Maze that’s perfect for family adventures. The maze comes with a unique theme each year, ensuring a fun-filled autumn day.
Find out more and plan your visit here: Penshurst Place

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