Adventure and accessibility at Bolton Abbey in North Yorkshire

Exploring history and nature at one of Yorkshire’s greatest treasures

Bolton Abbey, tucked away in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, is more than just an idyllic destination; it’s a historical gem offering a good range of walking routes that include some accessible options. Alex from the Roonee team embarked on a memorable adventure at Bolton Abbey with her disabled twins, taking advantage of the picturesque grounds and varied paths.

History and Heritage

The history of Bolton Abbey dates back to 1154 when the Augustinian Canons established a priory on the banks of the River Wharfe. Though much of the priory was dismantled during Henry VIII’s reign, the ruins that remain are awe-inspiring and evoke a sense of the past. As you explore the grounds, you’ll find well-preserved arches and walls, providing a glimpse into the priory’s grandeur.

Walking Routes for All

What sets Bolton Abbey apart is its variety of walking routes that cater to all ages and abilities. Families, dog walkers, hikers, and those with accessibility needs can all find paths to enjoy.

Alex’s Adventure with Accessibility

Alex, from the Roonee team, recently ventured to Bolton Abbey with her disabled twins in a pull along wagon. They opted to try out the ‘Welly Walk,’ which is a trail packed with child-friendly points of interest. While it’s labeled as not fully accessible, the team was determined to make it work. The adventure began almost immediately with a ford crossing, and while an alternative route to the ford is available, it’s not suitable for buggies or wheelchairs. Fearless, they traversed the ford and continued with slightly soggy feet.

Beyond the ford, the trail presents steep hills and narrow paths, making it clear why the route is marked as inaccessible for buggys and wheelchairs. Pulling a wagon up and down the hilly terrain felt like conquering mountains, but it was just about manageable where the buggy wouldn’t have been. The breathtaking view from the top justified their efforts. However, for anyone seeking an easier and much more accessible trek, there are accessible and flat routes that still offer stunning vistas without the mountain-climbing experience.

Practicalities for a Perfect Day

Bolton Abbey has multiple car parks that allow visitors to choose their ideal walking route. With plenty of picnic spots scattered across the grounds, it’s the perfect place for a picnic, or a tea break with a hot flask of tea. Additionally, visitors can enjoy the on-site cafĂ© and explore the gift shop for mementos and souvenirs.

Whether you’re intrigued by history, eager for an outdoor adventure, or seeking accessible paths for a family day out, Bolton Abbey offers it all. Its unique blend of history and nature makes it a must-visit location for anyone, regardless of their walking preferences or accessibility needs. Experience the captivating beauty of Bolton Abbey while creating cherished memories in this Yorkshire treasure.

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