Solo Female Travel – Corfu

The coast of Greek island Corfu

Corfu is a Greek island in the Ionian Sea, off the North West of Greece. It’s been a popular tourist destination with island hoppers for decades, and has enjoyed a renewed bout of fame following the popular ITV TV series, ‘The Durrells’ which is set on the island.

The island boasts gorgeous sandy beaches with emerald seas, as well as some wonderful beach bars and a true taste of island life. Some parts of Greece have a reputation for being unsafe for solo travellers, so how does Corfu fair for the solo female traveller?


For a solo female traveller, Corfu is safe. Island life is slow paced in the off-season, meaning one can wander the beautiful streets of the old town without seeing many people at all. There are tourist shops that stay open all year round, but the proprietors are incredibly easy going and hassle free. You may notice some street sellers trying to peddle their goods – they are usually incredibly hospitable and will leave you with a pleasant ‘good day’ after a polite ‘no thank you’. Locals are friendly and most speak some degree of English, meaning it’s easy to get help if ever lost!

Throughout the island, crime levels are low to the point where locals will often leave their front doors and cars unlocked overnight. Beaches are plentiful across the island and you’ll have no problem with leaving your things by the waterside while you enjoy a quick dip.

In the height of the summer tourist season, the island can get busy and sometimes petty theft can be experienced in busy areas, so as always, be wary of pickpockets and keep your valuables safe. In reality, you are far more likely to experience any level of petty crime and unpleasantness from fellow travellers than local Greeks.

When it comes to getting around the island, busses are a great option and they are easy for travellers to navigate. Taxis are plentiful, and you are unlikely to have a problem while riding in one.

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  1. I know quite a number of people who have visited Corfu and it has always been a place they have enjoyed — it looks and sounds lovely!

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