Dover Castle – the perfect destination for history loving kids

Dover Castle in Kent against a blue sky and the sea

If you’re looking for a really great day out in the South of England, then consider Dover Castle. This English Heritage site is jam-packed full of incredible history that’ll keep you and your kids totally engaged all day. Book your tickets online and get ready to experience a day full of amazing history!

Dover Castle - huge stone castle with a Union Jack flying
Credit: Unsplash

Tell me about Dover Castle!

There are two particularly fascinating aspects of Dover Castle to explore. Firstly, the castle itself served as Henry II’s Medieval palace. Today, the main quarters of the castle have been restored to their former glory and are amazing to explore. While you’re walking through the richly decorated castle interior, it’s easy to imagine what life for Henry might have been like here. Among the artifacts and recreations of castle life, there is plenty of information to read up on, and fun interactive activities and displays for kids of all ages. During school holidays there are often outdoor activities for children to engage with – check the Dover Castle website before you visit to see what’s on! 

When you’ve finished experiencing the true Medieval glory of Dover Castle, you can fast foreword a whopping 700 years to the Second World War. Dover Castle is nestled atop the infamous White Cliffs of Dover, and during the war, tunnels were created by digging into the cliffs on the castle grounds. Today, a hefty portion of these wartime tunnels can be explored with a tour guide. You’ll get a glimpse of what it was like to be in the heart of the cliffs during wartime and can experience some wartime recreations throughout the tunnels. These include scenes of mannequins, as well as some authentic smells and sounds that have been recreated for authenticity. 

The wartime tunnels usually prove to be of enormous interest to children who are studying the Second World War in their history lessons at school. Being able to walk in the tunnels really does bring the history books to life in the most spectacular way. 


While Dover Castle truly is an incredible day, not all parts of the site are accessible for wheelchairs and buggies. Ring ahead if you have any accessibility questions, but this is the information available on the Dover Castle website;

“Wheelchair access is available within the grounds; Arthur’s Hall; Stone Hut; Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment and Queen’s Regiment Museum; WWI Gun Emplacement. Great Tower has access to ground floor only. Access to church is by arrangement only. Note that Pharos has access over gravel path. Wheelchair access is available to the Operation Dynamo experience but not the Underground Hospital. Please note that the emergency exit route for the Underground Hospital may require visitors to climb over 150 steps. The Operation Dynamo experience is a good alternative for those who are unable to do so.”

A view out to sea from Dover Castle on the South coast
Credit: Unsplash

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