Grapat Lucky Lucky – tiny toys perfect for entertaining small children on your next trip

Grapat Lucky Lucky - Roonee

If you have ever delved into the world of wooden toys, you might well have come across the delightful Catalonian brand, Grapat. Grapat make loose wooden pieces that can be used for all kinds of fun activities with just a little bit of imagination. Generally speaking, these toys are perfectly suitable from ages three and up. Some pieces are rather small so they are a chocking hazard for any child that likes to put things in their mouth.

Every year Grapat develop some new lines of small wooden toys to add to their ever-growing collection. The 2023 additions have been lovely, but there is one particular addition that has proved to be a hit with children (and adults) everywhere. The Lucky Lucky boxes are small colourfully designed cardboard boxes that contain one of fifteen different sets of small wooden toys. Before breaking the seal on the box, there is no way of telling which set of toys inside – it really is a lucky dip.

Travel with Grapat

For a trip away with children, packing a new Lucky Lucky box is a wonderful idea. At £9 each, this is quite a pricey option when it comes to entertaining your child for a trip, but it’s something that feels very special. The boxes and the toys themselves are small, so easy to tuck away into hand luggage or the door of the car. The excitement of not knowing which toys will be inside, the wonder and beauty of the toys themselves, and then the imagination needed to play with them – this is a winning combination for keeping many children happy when you’re faced with a long journey.

To find out more about the world of Grapat toys and the truly ingenious ways in which they can be played with, take to social media. Searching under the hashtag of #grapat and #grapatmandala will get you started with some fun ways to play.

Grapat Lucky Lucky - roonee

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