Sweet treats for loved ones this Easter – chocolate Easter Egg guide 2023

Easter egg guide - Roonee - blue egg

If, like many others, you are starting to think ahead to Easter and the delicious goodies that come with this celebration, we have some ideas for you. Supermarket shelves are being stacked with all kinds of tasty looking treats, and it can be overwhelming knowing what to choose. We have taken a look at the selection on offer and come up with our top picks. Take a look and let us know if you think we’ve missed something egg-celent off the list!

The Classic Easter Egg

When it comes to a classic Easter egg, there are some wonderful options this year. From a Green & Black’s organic dark chocolate egg for the dark chocolate lover in your life, to a Cadbury Easter Peter Rabbit hamperfor your toddler, the choices are delightful. Personally here at Roonee, we don’t think there is anything quite as classic as a Cadbury Dairy Milk Easter egg, and it’s something that won’t break the bank and that children (and adults) everywhere will love. 

The Ethical Easter Egg

Here at Roonee, we always like to look at our most sustainable and ethical options. While more ethical chocolate doesn’t always come with a price tag that’s very accessible to many families, we would always urge you to consider an ethical option if you’ve got the pennies. This year, there are some gorgeous ethical options available both online and in high street shops.

Cocoa Loco are a company with fabulous ethics, and this year they have a number of Easter treats on offer, including over seven different types of Easter egg. We really recommend the Hot Cross Bun truffles too if you’re on the hunt for something a bit different and love a good hot cross bun! The whole range is lovely and it all makes great gifts. 

Divine is another company with commendable ethics. They have a small but delicious range of Easter treats available both via their online shop and via their retailers. We love the sound of the Divine Dark Raspberry Egg!

Montezuma are another company to look out for if you’re on the hunt for eco and ethical chocolate. Made from 100% ethically sourced cocoa beans, Montezuma have created a delightfully smooth Easter egg which doesn’t contain palm oil, and comes in fully recyclable packaging. An egg-cellent perk to this egg is that it can be delivered as part of your regular milk round with The Modern Milkman. The Modern Milkman is worth a look if you aren’t already signed up – you can have a huge amount of essentials, as well as this delicious Easter egg, delivered to your doorstep.

While they don’t make large eggs, no mention of ethical chocolate would be complete without Tony’s Chocolonely. Famous for their bold and ingenious marketing moves, Tony’s has been making waves in the chocolate industry and is working hard to eliminate modern slavery from the industry. This year, Tony’s are offering packs of small eggs, perfect for a little Easter gift.

Not an Easter Egg

Novelty chocolate in something other than egg form is always fun, and there is an interesting selection. Head to Etsy to find hundreds of mouth-wateringly good looking Easter chocolate slabs – some of which are personalisable. Hotel Chocolat have brought back their hilarious Egg Sandwiches for another year in five different flavours. While there is a 3 for £30 offer on at the moment, these are an expensive option, clocking in at £11 for 135g of chocolate. 

Another lovely option if you are looking for something a little different is one of Betty’s flat Easter eggs. Famous for their afternoon teas and delightful baked goods, it’s always worth taking a look at the stunning Easter offerings from Betty’s!

Easter egg guide 2023 - blue egg - Roonee

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