Top picks from Plastic Free July

Hello – Alex here with a few post Plastic Free July thoughts and recommendations!

Now that Plastic Free July has come to a close, it’s time for some reflection. Find a couple of minutes to sit down with a cup of tea and really think over the past month’s triumphs and maybe a few trial and errors. As we bid farewell to Plastic Free July, I can’t help but think about all of the fantastic plastic-free swaps I’ve tried and tested. Some have seamlessly become part of my daily routine, while others might need a little more finessing. There are also a couple that I tried and quickly realised wouldn’t work very well for my lifestyle – which is fine! Here, I’m sharing some of my top plastic-free finds from the past month. Who knows, they might just become your new favourites too!

Volcanic potpourri

Let me introduce you to a product that’s taken my home’s aroma to a whole new level: volcanic potpourri from Boostology. It’s unlike anything I’ve come across before, and I’m genuinely impressed by the results. When the term “potpourri” comes to mind, it’s easy to imagine dried botanicals. However, this volcanic potpourri shakes up the game – it’s crafted from lava rock. The porous nature of these rocks allows them to absorb essential oils, infusing the surrounding space with your chosen scent. The best part? You can curate the fragrance to match your exact preferences by using any essential oil or oil blend. This versatility also makes it an incredibly thoughtful gift idea. Personally, I’ve added a few drops of lavender oil to my volcanic potpourri on my bedside table, creating a calming atmosphere that helps me unwind before bed. It really is lovely. As if that weren’t enough, I’m pleased to share that Boostology is a conscious company that plants a tree for each order placed. Plus, orders are plastic free!

Dr. Bronner’s all-in-one soap

Speaking of versatile gems, let me introduce you to a household superhero: Dr. Bronner’s all-in-one soap. This product came highly recommended to me, and I’ve recently had the pleasure of testing both the solid and liquid versions. Let me tell you, they have surpassed my expectations on every level. The true beauty of Dr. Bronner’s soap lies in its remarkable versatility. It’s like having a Swiss Army knife for your home cleaning needs – it can tackle a multitude of tasks with remarkable efficiency. From washing dishes to scrubbing countertops and even as a body wash, it’s a reliable and effective option. Yet, the brilliance doesn’t stop there. This soap’s potential extends to areas you might not have considered. It can be used as shampoo, a gentle laundry detergent, and even a plant-friendly insect repellent – talk about a product that wears many hats! If you’re someone who values functionality and eco-friendliness, Dr. Bronner’s all-in-one soap is an absolute must-have. I would also having a read of all of the text on the product packaging and taking a look at the company’s intriguing history. When it comes to Plastic Free July, Dr. Bronner’s solid soap is a great fit, and you can also find refill cartons of the liquid soap to refill bottles you already have around the house.

Okiki soap

Let’s dive into another fabulous find – this time, it’s about a classic yet truly stunning product: hand soap. Straight from the heart of Kent (which also happens to be my hometown), allow me to introduce you to Okiki Soap. These artisanal hand soaps come in a range of captivating scents, all crafted from nature’s finest ingredients to leave you feeling refreshed and moisturised. I’m currently enjoying the olive oil, goat’s milk, and oatmeal bar, which brings is brilliantly exfoliating and a perfect addition to my shower routine. When I’m ready for a new soap adventure (which might not be anytime soon given how long-lasting these are), I’m eyeing the whisky, honey, and orange bar. Realistically – with such an array of enchanting scents, I might just find myself collecting a handful of them. After all, it’s a small luxury that adds a touch of Kentish charm to my daily routine. As you can see, a fab addition to any bathroom cabinet for Plastic Free July and not a shred of plastic packaging in sight.

Salt of the Earth deodorant

Here comes another standout that isn’t just about a single product, but rather an entire range that I really think is worth trying. If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that I’ve been a steadfast advocate of solid toiletries for quite a while, including deodorant. With that in mind, it was only fitting that I dived into the world of solid deodorants and other eco-conscious offerings from Salt of the Earth for Plastic Free July. While I had heard of this eco-friendly brand before, I hadn’t actually tried their products until now. I’ve got hold of a little lineup of their goodies, and they’re all proving to be stellar performers for me. My collection includes a spray, two sticks, and a roller deodorant, and they’ve all been ticking the boxes splendidly. If I were to pick favourites, the solid stick deodorants in their eco-friendly cardboard packaging steal the show. Perhaps it’s because I’m more accustomed to this type of solid deodorant, but the results they deliver are fantastic. However, it’s worth noting that the roller option could be a really easy entry point for anyone easing into a more eco-friendly lifestyle without wanting to immediately making the switch to solid deodorants. Salt of the Earth is a true contender in the world of eco toiletries, and one of their most remarkable aspects is their commitment to green energy is that their factory runs entirely on green energy – how amazing!

SBTRCT skincare

Shifting our focus to skincare, I’ve been using a new solid cleanser and facial balm from SBTRCT, an eco-conscious and vegan-friendly company that’s relatively new on my radar. So far, the experience has been nothing short of impressive. What’s caught my attention is the travel-sized solid offerings they have in their lineup – something I’m always on the lookout for and something that can be surprisingly hard to find. As for the solid facial cleanser I’ve been using, it has won me over to the point where I’m now eyeing the ‘makeup melt’ bar, a product that piqued my curiosity as I’ve never actually tried a dedicated makeup remover in solid form. One of the things that genuinely resonates with me about SBTRCT is their resolute mission to produce high quality eco-friendly products. When you make a purchase from them, you’re not just receiving exceptional skincare; you’re also supporting a conscious company on a mission to make a difference. What’s not to love?

Martha Hill lip balm

Now, let’s talk about a must-have for me: lip balm. I’m a constant user and advocate for lip balms, and I go through them pretty rapidly. Throughout my many years of being a lip balm user, a recent discovery has stood out – Martha Hill’s lip balm. What makes it remarkable? It’s the first time I’ve come across a lip balm tub crafted from biodegradable cardboard – an eco-friendly twist that instantly grabbed my attention! Obviously, I had to give it a go, and the verdict is in: it’s fantastic. This little gem not only keeps my lips soft and perfectly moisturised, but its conveniently compact size also makes it a breeze to slip into a bag or pocket when I’m heading out to explore the world outside. 10/10 – would recommend.

Pretty Polly underwear

Let’s dive into the realm of fashion for a moment with a spotlight on Pretty Polly’s eco-friendly underwear range. While fashion might not be a frequent topic here, Pretty Polly has caught my attention for their lovely collection of eco-wear. Personally, I opted for a matching set of bra and knickers from their range, and I am so happy to have added these additions to my wardrobe. Not only are these pieces incredibly soft and comfortable, but they’re also crafted using biodegradable yarn – a thoughtful choice that aligns perfectly with my sustainability values and Plastic Free July. The range itself is impressive, offering a variety of styles to choose from. Having tried a couple of pieces myself, I’m already planning on restocking my underwear drawer with more of their offerings when the time comes. The material is irresistibly soft, and the designs are simply gorgeous – a true win-win.

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