Gourmet Delights: a foodie’s gift guide for every palate and budget – 2023

Get ready to discover our top pics for foodie friends and family this year. We have tailored our list to make sure there is something for every member of your family. Whether you’re the master chef of the household or simply relish love a delicious treat, we’ve curated a collection where every palate and passion is celebrated. This is just one of our seasonal gift guides this year, so keep your eyes peeled for the others in our 2023 series!

Honey from Hive & Keeper

Treat your taste buds to a honey experience like no other with Hive & Keeper, a brand that’s redefining the best way to buy this golden elixir. Crafted in small batches, often sourced from the gardens of passionate beekeepers, each jar tells a unique story about its origin—a delightful, personal touch that sets it apart from what you find on supermarket shelves. We’ve tried a couple of different jars, and the versatility is nothing short of impressive. A dollop in your lemon and ginger tea adds a touch of sweetness, but don’t stop there; this honey is wonderful in porridge, cakes, and countless culinary creations. Hive & Keeper is a wonderful company – they champion against a culture of ‘perfection,’ promoting sustainability and fostering a connection between producers, consumers, and our planet. Choose Hive & Keeper for a natural, extraordinary honey experience that goes beyond the anything you’ll find at the supermarket.

From £11.95

Wickedly Welsh chocolate

We are thrilled to shout about the delectable chocolate offerings from Wickedly Welsh. Their range includes some enchanting Christmas gifts that are not just gorgeous but also a real treat for the taste buds. We recently enjoyed their set of chocolate chickens, a whimsical and delicious creation that we couldn’t resist sharing with one of our chicken-keeping family members. They were delighted to receive chocolate shaped like their feathered friends! Wickedly Welsh Chocolate Company is a family-run business, and the passion of owners Karen and Mark is evident in every handcrafted piece.

At Wicked HQ, the talented team craft a distinctive range of high-quality, contemporary chocolates. What makes this company truly special is its commitment to sustainability. As a small business with a big conscience, they source ingredients locally whenever possible, use compostable or recyclable packaging, and ensure their chocolate is sustainably sourced. Indulge in Wickedly Welsh chocolate, where every bite is a testament to craftsmanship, passion, and a commitment to the planet. We couldn’t recommend this chocolate more highly!

From £4.99

Barista syrups from Sweet Freedom

Discover Barista Coffee Syrups from Sweet Freedom. We have known and loved the brand for a while now, thanks to their tasty sauces to dip and drizzle, but they’ve now ventured into the world of coffee with three enticing flavours of barista syrup: vanilla, hazelnut, and caramel. Our experience with these syrups at Roonee HQ has been nothing short of delightful. They’ve allowed us to recreate the lattes, cappuccinos, and frappes we love from our favourite local coffee shops right in the comfort of our home.

These syrups are not limited to just coffee; we’ve been experimenting by adding a drizzle to our morning porridge and incorporating them into our overnight oats — a total hit with both the adults and kids! The possibilities really are endless, and we’re excited to experiment with these syrups some more in the weeks to come. Whether you’re a coffee aficionado or know someone who is, these syrups are a wonderful gift.

What sets Sweet Freedom apart from other companies is their commitment to natural goodness. These products are crafted with utmost care, avoiding chemical processing, additives, and preservatives.

From £3.75

Kelly Loves sushi kits

Embark on an adventure into Asian flavours with Sushi Making Kits from Kelly Loves, a brand that has made sushi, once considered a special treat, accessible for everyday enjoyment in the UK and beyond. For just £12.99, you can start your sushi-making journey with the Starter Kit, or go all out with the Ultimate Sushi Kit (this is the one that’s on our Christmas list), a comprehensive package that includes almost everything you need for a delightful night of sushi crafting at home, complete with a bento box.

The story behind Kelly Loves is as heartwarming as it is inspiring. Denied access to high school due to financial constraints, Kelly took charge of her future at the age of 14, moving to Seoul and working in a factory by day while attending night school. Her journey led her to Japan, where she immersed herself in the culture and later to Paris, where she met Yamamoto-san, Master of Sushi. Convincing him to collaborate on Sushi Daily, Kelly promised to strive for the best sushi in the world, and together they achieved just that.

Using only the finest ingredients and training passionate sushi chefs, Kelly and Yamamoto-San have transformed sushi offerings across Europe. After the success of Sushi Daily, Kelly’s passion for Asian cuisine continued with Kelly Loves, a venture dedicated to bringing the best of Korean food to the world.

From £12.99

Gifting from The Popcorn Shed

Step into a world of popcorn magic with The Popcorn Shed‘s extraordinary Christmas gifting collection. From kernels that promise the joy of popping at home to an impressive selection of yummy popcorn flavours in decorative tins, they’ve mastered the art of gifting. We’ve sung the praises of Popcorn Shed in past gift guides, and their Christmas offerings are nothing short of spectacular.

For those of you who like to pop your own popcorn at home, The Popcorn Shed provides kernels that promise a fun home-popping experience. It’s not just a snack; it’s an adventure in your microwave. We actually think the kernels make a really good gift for teens!

The variety bundles from Popcorn Shed are a really great testament to the versatility of their offerings. Whether it’s a festive celebration or a thoughtful gift, these bundles cover all occasions. The Flavour Snack Selection Tin, priced at £25, is probably our favourite popcorn gift to give.

The Popcorn Shed isn’t just delivering popcorn; they’re crafting experiences. Their dedication to quality and innovation shines through in every kernel, making them the go-to choice for popcorn enthusiasts and thoughtful gifters alike. Dive into the magic of popcorn with The Popcorn Shed this Christmas.

From £4.50

Classic sweets from Swizzles

When it comes to gifting for kids (and big kids), Swizzles has the perfect range of giftable goodies. Their impressively wide range means there’s something sweet for every occasion and every giftee. For a trip down memory lane, the retro gift bundles and hampers are a nostalgic treat for adults, provoking the joys of childhood sweets. Personalizable tubs filled with an assortment of Swizzles sweets are a dreamy delight for the little ones.

What adds to the charm is the sustainability aspect to the tubs full of sweeties —these tubs are sturdy enough to be repurposed for all kinds of different uses, making them a gift that keeps on giving. In a world that values eco-conscious choices, Swizzles hits the sweet spot with this particular gift. We’ve got a Swizzles tub that we’ve been using and reusing for ages now, and it’s still got years of life left in it!

Venturing beyond traditional sweets, Swizzles has expanded its gifting collection to include flavoured teas inspired by some of their best sellers. We might be biased as we are serious tea lovers, but we think that for tea enthusiasts, discovering a box of Love Hearts-inspired tea in a Christmas stocking would be a real delight. Swizzles has truly mastered the art of bringing joy in every sweet and sip, making them a go-to destination for festive gifting.

From £4.50

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