Our favourite travel memento gifts from Not On The High Street – 2023

Hello! We are back again with another gift guide – this time focusing in on the best travel mementos that we have found on Not On The High Street. We have written about travel gifts before, and we maintain that personalised passport cases and luggage tags make wonderful gifts along with other bespoke items like monogrammed travel jewellery cases and other accessories. However, Not On The High Street has plenty of other personalizable goodies that would make wonderful gifts.

We’ve been long time fans of the online marketplace, Not On The High Street, and have used it lots for gifts over the years. We love the range of products available, and it makes it easy to discover and support small businesses. This year we decided to hunt for travel themed gifts for loved ones, and here are some of our favourite findings! We were particularly impressed with a business called Oakdene Designs (as you’ll see below) and while we have picked some of our top picks from them, there are many more to explore.

Personalised favourite places wooden print

From Oakdene Designs

Currently £15.20

We spotted this personalised print and immediately loved the fact that it’s printed on wood – OSB board to be precise. The print features a title of your choice along with six destinations – chosen by you. While this look definitely isn’t for everyone, we know several people who would absolutely love this, and it would suit their aesthetics beautifully. We see lots of travel related prints, but we’ve never seen on printed on wood before, so this is definitely one of our top picks. Find out more here.

Personalised holiday copper and canvas hanging print

From Oakdene Designs

Currently £26.40 for three holidays

We spotted another great travel memento from Oakdene Designs on Not On The High Street – the personalised holiday copper and canvas print. We think this would make an excellent gift for partners, parents, and families. You can choose to showcase up to six holidays, and for each holiday you can include a photo and up to 130 characters worth of memories from the trip. We think that the memories being printed on canvas and embellished with copper accents really sets this product apart from regular travel related posters and décor! It’s a big thumbs up from us. Find out more here.

Personalised plane boarding pass ticket plaque

From Oakdene Designs

Currently £17.60

This would make a perfect gift for anyone who has a particularly special holiday they want to remember. You can have all of the details from your recipient’s special trip printed onto this metal plaque. Alternatively, this would be a thoughtful way of presenting your loved one with the details of a future trip. There are a range of colours available, so you can make sure the plaque would look perfect in any home. Find out more here.

Personalised set of beer mat coasters

From Oakdene Designs

Currently £8.80

This set of four personalised beer mat coasters are a thoughtful and cost-effective gift! While they are technically beer mats, they would be a lovely gift for anyone, whether they drink beer or not. The designs are fun and bold, and the coasters are made to be personalised to the recipient’s details. Here at Roonee HQ, we’ve actually got a set of these in our basket – we’re not beer drinkers, but would love these to remind us of our travels as we’re sipping on our tea and coffee. Find out more here.

Personalised wooden luggage tag Christmas decoration

From Oakdene Designs

Currently £11.20

In much the same spirit as our other favourite gifts from Oakdene Designs, these beautiful luggage tag Christmas decorations would make a brilliant travel memento, or gift token for a future trip. Although they are designed as Christmas tree decorations, we actually think they would look super hanging up somewhere in a home office, or as part of a gallery wall. There are three different colours to choose from, and the tags are fully customisable and printed on wood. Find out more here.

Personalised mini handmade wooden box of photos

From Oakdene Designs

Currently £29.60

This is our final top pick from Oakdene Designs, and it’s a good one. This tiny little wooden box comes personalised and filled with your favourite travel memories printed onto little wooden cards. The box is designed to be a beautiful keepsake for dads to remember their adventures with the kids – as such, we think it would make a perfect gift for dads everywhere for Christmases, birthdays, and fathers’ days! Find out more here.

Personalised favourite places Christmas decoration

From Betsy Benn

Currently £11.25

The next fabulous Not On The High Street seller we have discovered is Betsy Benn, and the first thing that caught our eye from Betsy Benn is the personalised location decorations. For anyone with a favourite place, whether its near or far, this would make a sweet present. Decorations can be personalised with a location and an additional line of text – making them truly bespoke. Like previous hanging decorations we’ve mentioned – we are firm believers that these don’t have to just be for Christmas and would look at home in plenty of places around the house. Find out more here.

Velvet map personalised wall art

From Betsy Benn


We’ve never seen anything quite like the gorgeous velvet maps offered by Betsy Benn. These maps can be fully personalised to whatever location you choose, and with an additional line of text. There are a range of colours to choose from, and the outcome is something incredibly special that any recipient would be thrilled to receive. The map comes in an embroidery hoop and is perfect for hanging up somewhere around the house to remind you of that special place. Find out more here.

Personalised travel tag artwork

From Lou & Co


Available in three different colour ways with fully personalizable luggage tag details, this art work is a great way to be able to showcase nine travel memories at once! If your parents have been to some remarkable places, or you’ve been travelling the world with your partner, this is definitely a gift worth considering. We took a quick look at the reviews on this product and can see many very happy customers who all attest to the artwork’s beauty and quality! Sounds like and excellent gift option to us. Find out more here.

Personalised travel keyring

From The Alphabet Gift Shop


Over the past few years we have seen a rise in popularity for travel token keyrings, but we’ve noticed they are usually very expensive. This option from The Alphabet Gift Shop is a little more wallet friendly, and for £14.99 you can get the main, personalised, part of your keyring, along with your first country token. You can choose how many additional tokens you require at the time of purchase for £1 each – which we think is a pretty good bargain. Find out more here.

Personalised travel memories wine

From MixPixie


We’ve seen lots of personalised bottles of wine before, but not a travel themed one! You can personalise your wine bottle’s label to show the details of a trip, and the bit we love the most – your label includes a code that when scanned, takes you to a specially curated playlist. This is the perfect gift for those special people in your life who love both travel and wine. Find out more here.

Personalised suitcase travel scratch card

From Joanne Hawker


If you’ve been planning a trip for a loved one, this is a really marvellous way of breaking the news to them, and adds an extra little bit of fun and excitement. We think this would be particularly great for kids and teenagers when revealing a special trip that they will love. Imagine watching their joy as they reveal a trip to a theme park or super fun holiday destination! Find out more here.

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