Fun on the go: Keeping kids entertained during solo mum and kids travel adventures

Traveling with kids can be a thrilling and memorable experience, but let’s face it, travel can also be challenging, especially when you don’t have any other adults to lend a helping hand. Whether you’re embarking on a road trip, hopping on a train, or flying to your destination, keeping your little ones entertained is key to a smoother journey. Here are some simple and inexpensive activities that work well for kids of various ages during car, train, and plane rides during your next solo mum and kids adventure.

Storytelling and Audiobooks

Harness the power of imagination by engaging your kids in storytelling sessions. Encourage them to create their own stories or take turns building upon an ongoing tale. Alternatively, bring along some age-appropriate audiobooks to captivate their minds and transport them to different worlds. Audiobooks really are wonderful for everyone – old and young!

Travel Busy Bags and Surprise Packs

Prepare individual “busy bags” or surprise packs filled with small toys, puzzles, colouring books, and stickers. These little treasures can be a great source of entertainment during the journey. Pull out a new surprise at strategic intervals to keep the excitement going and the boredom at bay. Busy bags can be made for people of any age, so even if you’ve got teens, have a think and see if you can put together a bag of goodies they will enjoy on their trip.

Interactive Games and Travel-friendly Toys

Turn travel time into playtime with interactive games like “I Spy” or “20 Questions.” Travel-friendly toys such as magnetic building blocks, travel-sized board games, or mini figurines can provide endless entertainment and keep their minds engaged. Supermarkets often have miniature versions of classic games (think Battleships) that can be a lot of fun, but never underestimate the novelty of a great game of “I Spy”!

Snack Adventures

Food can be a powerful tool for distraction and entertainment, especially for younger children. Pack a variety of healthy and mess-free snacks in easy-to-reach containers. Consider some interactive snacks like trail mix, mini sandwiches, or sliced fruits that require assembly. Let your children build their own snacks and enjoy a culinary adventure on the go.

Travel Journals and Scrapbooks

Encourage creativity and keep their memories alive by providing each child with a travel journal or scrapbook. They can write about their experiences, draw pictures, collect postcards, or paste souvenirs. This activity not only keeps them occupied but also becomes a cherished memento of your travel adventures. Scrapbooking is something that can be a wonderful source of creativity for people of all ages and there are plenty of ‘beginner scrapbooking’ kits available online for various age groups if you’re not sure what your child will need to get started!

Remember, safety is paramount during travel. Ensure that activities are age-appropriate and suitable for the mode of transportation. For younger children, consider items that are less likely to cause choking hazards.

Traveling with kids can be an opportunity for bonding and creating lasting memories. By incorporating these simple and inexpensive activities, you can keep your kids entertained, stimulated, and excited throughout the journey. So, buckle up, hit the road, and embark on unforgettable family adventures, knowing that you have a few tricks up your sleeve to make the trip smoother and more enjoyable for everyone.

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