3 Essentials for Taking Your Baby on a Road Trip

Baby on a trip with parent - Roonee

There are many benefits to getting out with your baby on a road trip, especially here in the UK. It’s such a small country that there are often loads of great attractions within driving distance. You might take a holiday where driving is essential, such as to the North Norfolk coast, where each quaint town is within miles of the next. You might nip out to enjoy a single-day road trip, grabbing a child-friendly lunch like the one we’ve previously written about at The Ram Inn.

Whatever the reason, a road trip with your baby is a great way to make memories and have some fun. However, they’re only as good as the preparation that goes in; you might drive without a destination in mind, but you must be prepared when taking the little ones with you. Whether you’re setting off to see where the road takes you or driving to a list of different places, these essentials will make sure that you and your baby have as good a time as enjoyable as possible.

Car Seat

The first consideration for your road trip should be how to secure your baby for the journey. Choosing the right car seat means wherever you go, and whatever you do, your child will be safe in the vehicle. Picking the right car seat is very much a personal choice, based on your child and how you plan to use it, but there are some essentials to consider. As the NHS points out, a car seat should conform to the EU safety standards and ideally use Isofix connectors, which most modern vehicles have. Also, never buy a secondhand car seat – you don’t know its history, and it may not have all the parts it requires to guarantee safety. Also, think about how you’ll use the car seat. Will you be lifting it in and out? If so, a lightweight model might be best.


Choosing the right pushchair for your road trip ensures that your child’s safety will still be assured when you reach your destination. The first consideration is your car and how you’ll fit the pushchair in. For instance, the range of single pushchairs from iCandy show how convertible and lightweight a pushchair can be, which is essential for a car journey as it will take less effort to get in and out of your vehicle and leave space for other items.

The UK is great for finding public footpaths you can walk down on a warm summer’s evening, pushing your little one along, but choosing the right pushchair for that job is also important. If you want to explore the pathways of the UK, you might look for something with heavy-duty wheels that can handle tougher terrain. After all, your road trip most likely won’t just be playparks and tarmac!


The British weather can be unpredictable, and your child is at risk of getting sunburned even on cold sunny days. With that in mind, make sure you’ve always got sunscreen packed in the car for those moments when it pokes its head out of the traditionally gloomy British skies!

Sunscreen isn’t the only type of sun protection to consider for your road trip. Sun coming through the window of a car can be incredibly dangerous, so it’s important to remember to include a physical sun blocker when setting out. These fit over the rear windows of your car, ensuring the sun is kept off your child’s face whilst driving. You can even buy a sun umbrella from Inchifun, which has been created to keep the heat off your car when parked, so when you return from your walk and load up your pushchair, your car’s interior has remained shaded and cool. That might be beyond some parents today, but basic sunscreen is still vital for a road trip.

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