Gifts for bookworms – bookish top picks

We all know a couple of bookworms who would love nothing more than to receive a new book for Christmas. Luckily, there are some wonderful new titles out there, and as is always the case with books, there is always something for everyone. Here are some Roonee favourites that we have come across in the past months, and we think any of these would make wonderful gifts!

For the eco conscious travel enthusiast 

Zero Altitude – Helen Coffey

An increasing number of us are becoming more conscious of green living and the environment around us, and that goes for those of us who love to travel, too! Zero Altitude explores travel without relying on planes, while also providing some very humbling facts and figures. Helen Coffey is the travel editor of The Independent and her writing is a joy to read – the book is written in digestible chunks that also make it a great option to pick up and put down whenever you have a spare five minutes. This book is thought provoking, and will spur any travel enthusiast into taking a look at their habits, and making valuable changes for the environment. 

For the fiction bookworms

Countdown To A Killing – Tom Vaughan Macaulay

Countdown to a killing is a great work of contemporary fiction from Tom Vaughan Macaulay. The story follows four main characters who each have their own fascinating personality trats and complex story arcs, and the reader follows along as their relationships develop, evolve, and become intertwined with one another. This is a fantastic book for anyone who loves a work of well written fiction that’s full of humour, heartache, suspense, and drama! 

For the city dweller

Dwell Being, Finding home in the city – Claire Bradbury

This fascinating book tells us that ‘over 4.2 billion people live in cities worldwide. By 2050, 68 per cent of the world’s population will live in cities’. Following the realisation that such a staggeringly high number of people live in cities, the reader can be taken on a journey through city live with Bradbury, learning about how to find a home in a city in every way imaginable. Explore food, movement, community, living spaces, and so much more throughout the pages of Dwell Being, and learn to make the absolute most out of living in a thriving, built up area!

For the feminist teenagers

Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls – 100 Inspiring Young Changemakers

The fifth book in the Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls, this book would make a beautiful gift for any young girl, feminist, classroom teacher, and so many more people. Each page showcases the story of a young female changemaker, and the illustrations throughout the book are gorgeous. While this is undoubtedly a wonderful gift for teenage girls, people of all genders would benefit greatly from reading these stories! If you want to find out more about this book, you can do so here

For Nature Lovers

Up, Up And Away, The Flight of Butterflies & Other Insects – John Brackenbury

Up, Up And Away is a stunning collection of photography that showcases the flight of insects and the moments just before and after flight. Each page shows an insect in all of its glory, in incredible detail, with just a label of which insect is which. There are a few pages of words from the author and photographer, John Brackenbury, but largely, this is a glorious photography book. This would make a wonderful gift for any botanist, insect enthusiast, or nature photographer, and it would be at home either on a shelf or on a coffee table.

For Climate Activists

The Great Melt, Accounts From The Frontline Of Climate Change – Alister Doyle

Alister Doyle is well versed when it comes to talking about climate change, and this book is a perfect culmination of accounts that document climate change. While this would make a great addition to any climate activist’s personal library, the terrifying facts and figures hidden within these pages are such that everyone should know about them. In that respect, this is the kind of book that anyone would benefit from, climate activist or not!

For the Poetry Enthusiast

Nobody Told Me – Hollie McNish

Hollie McNish’s poetry has come to light in the last few years and Hollie has had her words read by millions around the world through both her books, and her social media presence! Nobody told me is a great collection of poems that reflect motherhood in modern Britain, along with all kinds of other contemporary topics including sex, commercialism, and gender. If you know a poetry enthusiast, this book needs to be in their collection. 


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