3 Careers that allow you to travel more

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Have you ever wondered which careers are the best for enabling travel? The reality is that there are many hundreds of careers in all kinds of fields that will allow for extensive travel, either alone, or together with a partner or family. Whatever sector you are in, the chances are, you will be able to find a job that includes overseas research trips, site visits, or placements if you look hard enough. Depending on your line of work, these opportunities may be completely subsidised, or not at all, so do some research.

Here are three fairly broad careers that will commonly allow for travel opportunities.


If you find yourself in the world of professional music, there is a real chance that you’ll have some great opportunities to travel the world. If you are in the classical sector and in an orchestra, band, ensemble, or choir, you’ll find no shortage of tour opportunities. Sometimes tours will be to locations just a stone’s throw away, but equally, there are some groups that travel the world with their music. Bands in other genres also find themselves with ample travel opportunities – being able to gig and travel is the dream for many musicians, and it’s entirely possible.

English language teacher

English language teachers are often in high demand outside of Europe, so this is a wonderful pathway for someone who likes children and would like to be stationed in one place for a while. Teaching English as a foreign language is a career that has multiple entry pathways, but contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a teaching degree. Do some research into the jobs available and the qualifications required. Many English teaching jobs will come with accommodation and some flights included.


While writing, comms, and journalism can feel like oversubscribed job markets, if you manage to break into them, there are lots of travel opportunities. Branch out from local journalism and you will find yourself being sent all over the place to write reviews, or cover stories as they break. Seeing history in the making while being on the go is all part of the job when you’re a journalist.

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