Solo Female Travel – Limerick

Irish city at sunset with a body of water and a reflection

We are taking a look at Limerick in Ireland as part of our solo female travel series. When looking at cheap flights from the UK, Shannon is an airport that often pops up, and Limerick is just half an hour’s bus ride away. The question is, what is it like as a solo female traveller?

Limerick is a great base to have in the West Ireland. There are various places you can easily explore within a day’s travel of Limerick, and the city itself makes for a nice wander round. It’s not jam-packed full of things to do like some other Irish cities, but there is enough to see and do for a few days. King John’s Castle, the Hunt Museum, and the Milk Market are all worth a look while you’re in the area. 


Limerick has been registered as one of the safest tourist destinations in Ireland, making it a wonderful destination for any solo female travellers looking for a quick getaway. There are countless small hotels and B&Bs to choose from when it comes to accommodation. Read the reviews carefully before you book, and you might have an amazing experience with the establishment owners. Many of the places available to stay are owned and run by families – if you mention that you are a solo female traveller before you visit, you may well find yourself invited to dinner! In some cases, proprietors will offer to help you travel to and from the airport, and help take you to see some of the local sites. Obviously, this isn’t always the case, but there is a real kindness to be experienced in the people of Limerick. 

As always with solo female travel, make sure you take safety precautions and be aware at all times. It pays to be prepared, even in the safest cities! 

Irish city at sunset over a body of water with a reflection
Credit: Unsplash

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