3 Delightful fragrances to take on your next trip

Travelling with fragrances can add a feel of luxury to any trip, even if it’s just a quick overnight jaunt somewhere local! While you might tend to pack your everyday fragrance when you travel, there are some brilliant space saving versions of beautiful scents on the market. These are absolutely perfect to travel with. Next time you go on a trip, treat yourself to one of these gorgeous scents, and give it a test run while you’re out and about. You might well find that you love your new perfume so much, it’s added into rotation for your everyday wear!

After the Rain – Arran Sense of Scotland

From £15

Arran Sense of Scotland offer a range of truly gorgeous toiletries, including various scents. The After the Rain scent is ‘inspired by the scent of a summer garden on Arran after a rain shower’ and it really manages to capture the very essence of this notion. Lime, rose, and sandalwood notes work together to create a scent that is sure to delight anyone. 

When it comes to travel, the great thing about scents from Arran Sense of Scotland is the range of sizes they are available in. While standard sized atomisers of 50ml and 100ml are available, there is also a 10ml fragrance rollerball on offer. A 10ml rollerball is roughly the size of a pen and will fit into any luggage you are travelling with, even if you only have a carry on, small backpack, or even just a handbag. As it’s only 10ml, it can also be taken on flights in hand luggage, so you can always make sure you’ve got a great fragrance on you!

Dirty solid fragrances – Lush

From £10

Lush is a household name for many, and with good reason. Lush products are all cruelty free, and there is a great range on offer. Lush have branched out into traditional atomiser bottles of heady scents fairly recently compared to their other lines. The brand has, however, been making solid perfumes for years. You can usually find your preferred scent in 30ml and 100ml atomiser bottles, along with solid perfume. Many scents have an accompanying line of bath and skincare products which is great news if you find a scent you really love!

Dirty is a delightfully fresh scent that is undoubtedly unisex. Rub a little of the solid perfume formula into your wrists and you’ll be able to detect notes of mint, neroli, and sandalwood that will last all day. The 6g pot of Dirty solid perfume will only set you back £10, and it’s perfect for keeping in your purse as it’s so small!

Coastal Walks – Norfolk Natural Living

From £15

Norfolk Natural Living create a range of very special fragrances, all developed in their Norfolk perfumery. Perfumes can be found in regular 50ml and 100ml atomiser bottles, as well as 10ml atomiser bottles which are absolutely perfect for travelling with. 

Coastal walks is a gorgeous fragrance that boasts floral notes of bergamot, lemon, ylang, jasmine, cistus ladaniferus absolute, pine needle, patchouli, elemi, cedarwood, and sandalwood. This blend instantly transports you to the coast and will stay with you all day once applied. Coastal walks is available in all sizes from Norfolk Natural Living, including a tiny 1.5ml atomiser which is available as part of a set. 

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