The Little Library Trail – Todmorden, West Yorkshire

Little Library full of books in a fence

You may have come across little libraries before as they have started popping up all over the UK. If not, they are lovely little cupboards and cabinets left outside, often beautifully decorated, with books inside. The idea is that you take a book that tickles your fancy, and leave one in its place for someone else to discover. It’s a really wonderful concept, and really took off during Covid when it was more difficult to get to regular libraries. The concept is fantastic, and works quite well in reality when you’ve got a community of people who love to read!

Little Library built into a fence
Credit: Unsplash

Todmorden Little Library Trail 

If you don’t have a little library near you, then consider taking a trip to Todmorden to walk along a little library trail. Todmorden is situated in the Calder Valley, on the Yorkshire – Lancashire border, between Manchester and Leeds. Just one town away is the infamous Hebden Bridge, affectionately dubbed the ‘Lesbian Capital of the UK’,  which is worth a visit while you’re in the area. 

The quaint little town of Todmorden presently boasts 24 little libraries that have been strategically placed at points of interest throughout the town. You’ll be able to swap a few books and discover the wonderful points of interest of the town along the way. There is a little library along the scenic Rochdale Canal walk, and another nestled among the herbs of the community herb garden where you can pick a few sprigs to cook your tea with. You’ll find another on ‘Pollination Street’ next to the bustling town market where you can peek inside a model beehive and pose for a photo next to the street sign – a nod to Coronation Street. Head further up the town to find a crime novel themed little library in the Police Station community garden. 

If you take a few old books with you on your trip to Todmorden, you’re bound to come away with something new to read! Stop at the quirky Golden Lion pub along the way to experience some true Todmorden hospitality, and don’t forget to stroll through the gorgeous Centre Vale Park! 

Little library full of books built into a fence, with a child holding a book
Credit: Unsplash

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