Why you should consider visiting Wales over winter

Castle in Wales next to a body of water

Has anyone ever suggested a trip to Wales over winter to you? No? While it might not be the obvious place for a winter getaway, there are a lot of perks to visiting Wales outside of the tourist season. Take a trip and discover the joys of Wales in winter for yourself, just remember to pack your raincoat and wellies!

Castle in Wales by a body of water on a clear day
Credit: Unsplash

Nothing beats a roaring fire in a cottage in Wales

Picture the scene – rain is hammering down on the window with no signs of stopping. You are huddled inside a beautiful old Welsh stone cottage wrapped in a blanket with a hot chocolate or glass of wine. There’s a glorious fire going in the log burner, you don’t need to be anywhere for a few days, and the fridge is fully stocked. Out of every window in the cottage you can see the glorious scenery of Wales, and perhaps even a mountain or two. There are boardgames in the cupboard and you’ve never felt cosier. 

You’ll have local attractions to yourself

A lot of tourist attractions across Wales shut down for some of winter, but if you time things right, you can visit them just as they start to reopen in January. Needless to say, January is not the high tourist season in Wales, so you’ll be able to explore all of the very best attractions without having to fight your way through the crowds. Attractions like Portmeirion are a brilliant example of this and you won’t be disappointed. Consider having a stroll on a deserted beach too. Wales has some of the most beautiful beaches in the UK and you’ll have them all to yourself apart from the occasional dog walker. 

It’s cheap!

If you’re looking for a cheap getaway then Wales in winter really is perfect. In the off season you’ll be able to find holiday cottages and hotels at truly bargain prices. If you live in the UK then you’ve got the added bonus of not having to fork out for flights as you can easily get to Wales by driving or relying on public transport. Perfect!

Portmeirion in North Wales - colourful houses and follies
Credit: Unsplash

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