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We all have our favourites when it comes to tea and coffee, but there is an ever expanding market of new and exciting blends to try. If you fancy getting your hands on something new to try, take a look at our top picks:



Teapigs was born in 2006 and has since grown into an incredibly well established and respected brand for great tea in the UK. As the company has grown, so has the range of Teapigs products on offer on the Teapigs website, in supermarkets, and independent shops all over the UK.

Teapigs is a registered B Corp, so when buying their tea, you know you are buying from a company that really care. In addition to being a B Corp, Teapigs are also certified plastic free, making their tea a fantastic option to make sure your tea drinking habits are kind to the planet. You can find out about more about Teapigs ethics here.

“B Corp is about purpose, and the overall positive impact of a company. Rather than focusing on a product, B Corp analyse a company’s impact on its workers, customers, community, and environment.”

While you can find all kinds of teas along with kombucha and teaware from Teapigs, here at Roonee we have some favourites. We absolutely love the classic everyday brew blend (which has Rainforest Alliance certification) and the delicious lemon and ginger blend. Although we’ve not had a chance to get our hands on any yet, we also love the sound of the new Snooze sleepy tea which is part of Teapigs’ feel-good tea range. 

Teapigs boxes of tea - tea and coffee Roonee

Kusmi Tea

For a really luxurious tea-drinking experience, get your hands on some Kusmi tea. This French company have been expertly creating delicious tea blends for over 150 years and boast some truly delightful flavours. As well as various immune boosting and wellness teas, you can find some inspiring blends that are very different from anything you’ll have tried before.

While Kusmi Tea has been a French company since the early years of its inception, some of its most delightful blends are inspired by Russian flavours. The company’s founder was a Russian who fled to Paris at the onset of the 1917 Russian Revolution, bringing new and exciting flavour profiles with him.

For a unique tasting experience, try the Prince Vladimir, or St Petersburg blends. Our favourite here at Roonee is definitely Prince Vladimir which is an Early Grey tea with notes of grapefruit, orange, and lime!

Bird & Blend

If you are looking for the ultimate gift for a tea lover, take a moment to peruse through the selection of beautifully curated tea-based gifts from Bird & Blend. Bird & Blend teas are available to purchase by themselves, but when bundled up in a selection with some new tea ware, they are truly irresistible. The gift that stood out to us at Roonee the most, is the tea club subscription. Three new tea blends (which equates to up to 30 days of tea!) are delivered to your home every month – a tea lovers’ dream!

Bird & Blend is also a great place to start if you want to explore the world of matcha. You’ll find a whole matcha section on the website where you can find various different matcha powders, starter sets, and everything you need to make an amazing matcha in the comfort of your very own home. There are also matcha spoons, bowls, cups, and whisks to explore!



Ueshima, founded back in 1933, is a Japanese coffee pioneer. While the company has humble beginnings, it now creates divine coffee blends to suit your chosen method of brewing up. Ueshima even offer coffee bags for ultimate ease when you fancy a brew. 

There are three unique blends available to try; Fuji Mountain, Tokyo Roast, and House Blend. We absolutely love the Fuji Mountain blend if you’re looking for a recommendation to start your Ueshima tasting journey. Each blend is Rainforest Alliance certified, and Ueshima are committed to reducing their environmental impact. If you’re after a great gift for a coffee lover in your life, you can also find a ‘gifts’ category on the Ueshima website with some lovely options.

“Bold and intense, inspired by ‘fire mountain’. Fuji Mountain is our darkest roast. Precision roasted, expertly ground and sealed to lock in freshness and flavour.

Deep flavours of cocoa, roasted nuts and brown sugar combine to create a rich and indulgent coffee.”

Ueshima coffee tea and coffee Roonee

Chimney Fire Coffee

We have mentioned Chimney Fire Coffee before in one of our gift guides, but it’s always worth another mention. Not only do Chimney Fire Coffee offer delicious coffee blends, they are a B Corp with spectacular ethics – probably some of the best coffee company ethics we have ever come across. 

Whether you like your coffee bean to cup, brewed in a cafetiere, or made from a pod in a machine, you will find something that works for you on the Chimney Fire website. One of the things we love the most about this lovely company is the subscription service. There are a handful of different subscriptions on offer, but we particularly like the ‘Discovery’ option. The ‘Discovery’ subscription enables you to have a new blend of coffee in your chosen format delivered to your door weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. There is no better way to sample different blends of ethically produced coffee with an environmental conscience. 

If you are a coffee pod user then you’ll be pleased to know that Chimney Fire’s pods are fully compostable. This really is a fantastic company to check out if you want to make your coffee drinking habits as kind to the planet as possible.


Swedish brand Löfbergs has been around since 1906 and has developed some absolutely stunning coffee blends in that time. Fantastically, Löfbergs have evolved over time to produce coffee sustainably and keep a watchful eye on the company’s carbon footprint. The Löfbergs website also impressively states that the company is one of the largest buyers of Fairtrade certified coffee. There is a whole section on the company website about ‘doing the right thing’ – seeing coffee companies approach ethics and sustainability with such transparency is refreshing and a stance that is paving the way for other companies to follow. 

If you want to try out some Löfbergs coffee for yourself, we wholeheartedly recommend the new FIKA dark roast which is Premium 100% Arabica coffee from South and Central America and East Africa. You can find FIKA stocked by Tesco, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get your hands on some. You can find out more (including how to make the perfect brew) on the Löfbergs website, along with more interesting information about the company and the full range of coffees.

FIKA packet of coffee from Lofbergs - tea and coffee Roonee

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