3 Great vegan eateries in Manchester – 2023

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Manchester is a hub for great eateries, and amongst these there are some great picks for vegans. Whether you’re vegan or just trying to eat more delicious plant based food, these top picks for great vegan eateries in Manchester are worth checking out next time you’re in the city.

The Allotment Vegan Eatery

The Allotment is in an excellent central location in the city centre, just a minute’s walk from Manchester Cathedral. The décor has a botanical theme which gives the whole restaurant a cozy yet chic feel, and helps to create a truly pleasant atmosphere to settle in for a delicious lunch or dinner.

Small plates start at just £4.50 (and include polenta fries – what’s not to love?) and large plates start at £12. For £17.50 you can indulge in a sharing platter with a friend and dine on the likes of satay tofu, miso maple mushrooms, and garlic roasted padron peppers. Excitingly, The Allotment offers a fully vegan Sunday roast where the main event is a glazed tofu steak accompanied by all the trimmings. 

Finish off your meal with a dessert and a coffee before heading home, or perhaps out into the city for a taste of Manchester’s infamous nightlife. If you’re planning on making a night of it, be sure to sample one of The Allotment’s cocktails to get your night started on the best possible foot. We recommend the Pamplemousse Rose which is made with a base of Manchester Signature Gin. The Allotment really is one of the top vegan eateries in Manchester!

Wholesome Junkies

Wholesome Junkies is the ultimate vegan junk food and it’s one of Manchester’s best spots for vegan food. Wholesome Junkies isn’t strictly a restaurant, and can be more appropriately described as a stall in a charming food court just outside of the city centre. Despite this, there are tables and chairs a-plenty, so place your order and grab a seat. 

Small plates start at £3.95 for Tater Tots, and the famous Wholesome Junkies burgers start at £9.95. The burger menu is pretty extensive and sure to warm the heart and soul of any burger lover, vegan or not. We thoroughly recommend the kimchi burger for some vegan deliciousness. 

In addition to a wide range of burgers, you’ll find seasonal specials on the menu as well as desserts. Keep your eyes peeled for warmed pecan pie with ice cream – it’s the perfect way to end any meal. 

Fuel Café Bar

Fuel Café Bar is conveniently situated on Wilmslow Road in Withington which is easy to find whether you’re travelling via public transport or car. The menu at Fuel Café Bar has everything you’d expect from a café, and everything is either vegetarian or vegan. In addition to the delicious food to be tasted (including freshly baked goodies), you can indulge in a veggie or vegan friendly milkshake.

Food is served until 9pm, and there are often live music events to be enjoyed after this with a small admission fee on the door. 

Bowl of colourful vegan food - Vegan eateries in Manchester Roonee

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