The Yorkshire Candle Company – destination candles

Two candles and a small monstera plant on a desk

Hi, my name is Alex from Eco Friendly Twins, and I’m here on to chat about the amazing Yorkshire Candle Company soy candles I came across last week! 

I love exploring UK cities with my twin toddlers, so was thrilled when the opportunity arose to spend a few days in Sheffield – a city I absolutely love. While browsing in a shop of locally produced goods, I was drawn to a beautiful display of candles, all made by the Yorkshire Candle Company. 

Yorkshire Candle Company Candles

Like so many others, I really love a good candle. I often light a candle when I’m at my desk, and in the evenings after I’ve finished work for the day. I love being able to make my home smell like all of my favourite things, so as soon as I spotted the Yorkshire Candle Company display, I dashed over and had a good sniff of everything on offer. 

In addition to having some delightful scents like ‘tobacco & nectar’, ‘thyme & cedar’ and ‘dark roast coffee’ there was something fantastic that I’ve never come across before – destination candles. Specifically, Yorkshire destination candles!

I live in Yorkshire, went to uni in Yorkshire, and often go wandering in new bits of Yorkshire, so it was a bit of a thrill seeing these amazing candles. There are candles for; ‘North Yorkshire Moors’, ‘The Yorkshire Dales’, ‘Peak District’, ‘Whitby Bay, and ‘Scarborough Coast’. I ended up getting a little ‘Scarborough Coast’ candle tin which smells like the seaside and does indeed remind me of the Scarborough Coast!! 

I love the fact that even when I’m sitting at home in my office, I can light a candle that reminds me of a fantastic Yorkshire destination and brings back some great memories of trips to Scarborough. How amazing?!

In addition to the Yorkshire destination candles, I saw some others that were Yorkshire themed. I loved the one that’s called ‘fig & bramble’ and it reminds me of my years spent in Hull when I first came across the word ‘bramble’! Another that I’ve since spotted on the Yorkshire Candle Company website but haven’t seen in real life is the ‘Yorkshire Spice’ scent. I can’t help but wonder if it smells like chip spice – if you know you know!

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