Beautiful illustrations to remind you of your favourite travel destinations

Travel illustration is a wonderful thing. Being able to enjoy gorgeous depictions of all your favourite locations, even when you’re not on the go, can bring back treasured memories and remind you of beautiful places. While image heavy social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are full of wonderful illustrations, it can sometimes be hard finding the travel specific pieces you’re dreaming of. Another problem that sometimes arises is that of plagiarism. While the internet is awash with pretty illustrations, sometimes it can be hard working out who originally created them, thanks to uncredited copying and reposting!

Here are some wonderful travel related illustrators who have created beautiful illustrations to remind you of all your favourite travel destinations. 

Jo Grundy Art

Jo Grundy creates seasonal masterpieces that instantly transport you into the very depths of the British countryside, and in some cases, the wonderfully wild British coastline. Jo’s art often incorporates elements of wildlife and it’s been featured on the cover of magazines such as The Simple Things. Jo’s Etsy shop is stocked full of her artwork and there are plenty of options to choose from. You’ll also find some charming bundles on offer, like the set of four mini four seasons canvases!

Nikki Monaghan Art

Nikki Monaghan’s art is full of Scottish delights. Her fun and colourful pictures each paint the perfect portrait of a different Scottish paradise, from Edinburgh, to Fife, to Balmoral. You will find Nikki’s shop full of prints, framed paintings, and unframed paintings, so there is lots to choose from if you are looking for something to hang on your wall. Alternatively, purchase a couple of greetings cards and send them to friends to show them a glimpse of Scottish wonder through Nikki’s art. 

Katie Smith Illustration

Katie Smith creates bold, colourful illustrations of locations near and far. You’ll find many wonderful Scottish cities featuring in her portfolio along side some European hot spots and plenty of more generic scenic pieces to remind you of all your favourite beach, mountain, and desert adventures. Buy yourself a print or two from Katie’s Etsy shop, and consider putting them up with some of her other wonderfully complimentary still life art.

Jess Print Designs

Jess is a Suffolk based illustrator offering a whole range of gorgeous travel and culture inspired art. Travel across Europe, Asia, and beyond through mesmerising scenes that often show gorgeous destinations in all of their night time glory. Jess’ night time scenes showcase popular destinations in a whole fascinating new colour palette. Jess’ Etsy shop is stocked with prints, cards, and collections. 

Hannah Penrose Illustrations

In addition to the wonderful festive cards that we have featured before, Hannah Penrose illustrates some gorgeous location themed art. Her map illustrations are particularly special, and there are maps depicting destinations all over the UK. All of Hannah’s maps are expertly penned with fun and intricate details that will remind you of the destination in question. Head to Hannah’s Etsy shop to admire the full range!

Millie Illustrates

Millie is a Hampshire based illustrator, creating vibrant artwork inspired by travel. Her art has a beautifully striking colour scheme that can brighten up even the dullest of rooms, and bring a touch of the excitement of travel into your home. Millie’s shop is full of wonderful prints and other goodies. Excitingly, there is a range of stationery, and even paint by numbers sets on offer!

Simply Katy Ltd

Simply Katy creates stunning digital artwork that reflects the world’s most vibrant towns and cities. From the streets of Yorkshire to more exotic and far flung locations, you can be certain that Simply Katy’s art will brighten up your home and remind you of all your most treasured holiday memories. Cards, prints, bookmarks, and enamel pins: the Simply Katy shop has it all.

Laura Jordan

If you are in the market for some truly special city scape themed art, and you have a bit of a budget for it, take a look at Laura Jordan’s art. Intricately detailed, you will find her city themed pieces to be jam packed with things to look at, and they make beautiful talking points. Laura’s website shows the full range of hand finished prints available as well as some other goodies, so take your time and admire everything on offer!

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