Luxury Travel Accessories – Gift Guide

While many of us travel light and only pack the bare essentials, there are always those who like to travel with some travel accessories that aren’t strictly essential. These accessories can make travelling feel like more of a special, luxury experience. Here are just a few of our favourite luxury travel accessories – these make wonderful gifts for the travel enthusiasts in your life, and luxury doesn’t always have to be expensive. 

Remember, before you buy any gift, think carefully about what your recipient will really appreciate. See if you can find them something that they can use for years to come, that isn’t made from plastic!

Travel jewellery box

Have you ever wanted to take a spare pair of earrings or necklace away on holiday with you, but you’ve not had anywhere practical to keep your jewellery? Instead of simply throwing jewellery to the bottom of your bags and hoping for the best, or popping things in a Ziploc bag, travel jewellery cases can be a great investment when it comes to keeping things safe and organised. The great thing about travel jewellery cases and boxes is that, while they almost certainly count as a luxury travel accessory, they don’t have to be expensive. 

Tried and tested brand, Stackers, make lovely travel jewellery boxes that match the rest of their jewellery box collections, but there are many brands making them. Recently, Oliver Bonas has started selling tiny monogrammed boxes that are ideal for travel too, as well as hundreds of sellers on independent retail markets like Etsy and Notonthehighstreet. Generally, you can find a nice travel jewellery box that will store a few key pieces of jewellery for your travels for as little as £10!

Matching luggage tags and passport case

Having luggage tags that match your passport case is true coordination when it comes to travel. Matching travel accessories is definitely something that feels luxurious, but doesn’t need to come with a huge price tag if you don’t want it to. Matching tags and passport covers are available all over the place, and a good quality leather set aren’t hard to find. Etsy and Notonthehighstreet are chock-a-block with handmade options in every colour and style imaginable. 

For some lovely pieces that come with a slightly higher price tag, take a look at The Letteroom, Ted Baker, Fossil, and Aspinal of London

Monogrammed wash bag

A monogrammed wash bag is never essential, but it is always lovely. Admiring a personalised wash bag as you’re unpacking and settling into your hotel room can make an experience feel a touch classier than it would otherwise be – trust us! 

As with lots of personalised goods, Notonthehighstreet and Etsy are a good place to start your shopping, but GettingPersonal, Vida Vida, and Willys Wallets are some other great places to look for some wonderful leather and leather style personalised wash bags. 

Travel Wallet

Travel wallets might seem like things of the past, but they can still be really useful when you’re on the go, and there is definitely a time and a place for them, even if you don’t strictly need them. Today, most travel information and important documents can be pulled up on our electronic devices, but what happens if they are lost, stolen, or have simply run out of power? It always pays to have a physical, paper copy of important documents – including the contact details and addresses of places you’re staying, and your embassy. 

There is nothing wrong with stashing a neatly folded wad of papers at the bottom of your bag, but an even better way of dealing with your papers is to organise them in a travel wallet. Travel wallets can come in at just a couple of pounds if you want something cheap and cheerful that will help you keep things organised, but having a really nice wallet is a lovely luxury. 

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