Discovering Amazing Food in Corfu

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Hi there, my name is Alex, and I recently got back from a very short break in Corfu, Greece! I was working while away, and really just took the trip for a bit of a change of scenery, but it’s amazing how much incredible food and drink I managed to consume (with zero regrets) while I was away. There really is amazing food in Corfu, and here’s what I sampled while I was there!

My whole trip was centred around Corfu Old Town, and I didn’t need to venture any further afield to satisfy my tastebuds, although I have no doubt that there are more amazing foods to try if you wander all around the island! 

Amazing food in Corfu

Like many of us, I like to start my day with a coffee, and there are no shortage of coffee shops serving every variation of coffee under the sun all around Corfu. I found one with a particularly lovely view, and placed my standard order of a caffe latte. It came quickly, accompanied by a tiny, freshly baked croissant! Not particularly Greek, but delicious nonetheless. 

After some caffeine, I set about exploring the quaint old streets of the town. As I explored, I took in all the foodie options so I had time to weigh up my choices before it was time for lunch! I wandered for a few hours with no agenda, and at one point found myself walking through a bustling fish market. Stalls on both sides of me were full of all kinds of freshly caught fish, and as I walked further, these slowly turned to veggie stalls selling the most luscious looking courgettes, strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, and all kinds of other things. If I had been staying for longer I would have loved to prepare a meal using fresh ingredients from this market!  

I ended up more or less in the centre of the old town, and found a handful of little bakeries. They all seemed to have a good selection of sandwiches on offer, but much more excitingly to me, they had big slices of Greek pie on offer! I’ve loved Greek pie for as long as I can remember, so I couldn’t resist a big slice to enjoy as a continued to wander. I opted for cheese pie, although the spinach pie was just as tempting!  It was everything I had hoped for, and I was incredibly smug about my pie-choosing decision.

After lunch I found a comfy spot in a café to settle down for a bit of work with a couple more coffees! These all came with tasty bakes treats which was a lovely touch and something that I wish the UK offered more of! 

Come dinner time, I was on the hunt for something as Greek as I could find. It didn’t take too long to find a sea-facing restaurant near the port that offered a three course menu that included some great Greek options. I started off with a Greek salad (of course), which was followed by pork souvlaki. I’m not a big meat eater, but this was really tasty! I originally opted for a moussaka, but sadly they had run out – maybe next time! My dessert was some kind of chocolate biscuit, and definitely not the star of the show after my first two courses, but a nice sweet end to the meal anyway! 

The next morning, I ventured to a café that offered a traditional Corfu breakfast, and I was not disappointed. This meal really solidified my love of Greek food, and was a really good sample of amazing food in Corfu! I paid €14 for a mammoth spread including meats and cheese, bread, jams and preserves, Greek yoghurt with candied kumquats, and tomato and scrambled eggs. This all came with a freshly squeezed orange juice and a coffee (which came with another dinky croissant) – what a feast!

It took ages to get through this mountain of food, but it was totally worth it. To be honest, I would be happy to return to Corfu just for this amazing breakfast alone! After breakfast, I stayed at the café with another few coffees while I got a few more hours of work done before heading off for some more exploration. 

When lunchtime rolled around there was nothing for it but to find a spinach pie. I found a café that served me a plate of tiny little pies – they were great, and perfect for lunch! I treated myself to a dessert of a chimney cake from a nearby shop – another treat that’s not very Greek, but I just couldn’t resist after smelling the cakes as I walked past! 

Before I knew it, it was time to head back to the airport and leave this gorgeous little Greek island full of amazing food! I’m already planning another trip just so I can fill up on feta and spinach pies! 

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  1. That food all looks so good. Especially the greek pie. It’s so nice to be able to try authentic food

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