A Luxury Eco Retreat in Buckinghamshire – The Chiltern Yurt Retreat

a tabernacle in a woods and a wood fired hot tub

When you think of going on an eco-friendly retreat, does luxury spring to mind? Probably not! However, there are plenty of gorgeous luxury retreats to enjoy that are amazingly eco-friendly. The Chiltern Yurt Retreat is just one example of somewhere you can have a truly luxury experience without leaving much of a footprint on the environment. 

The Chiltern Yurt Retreat

Situated in Wendover Woods in Buckinghamshire, the Chiltern Yurt Retreat is a small resort with just a handful of places to stay. Despite this, each accommodation promises an absolutely incredibly experience where you can really unwind and feel at one with nature. You can choose from a stunning tabernacle, a fully kitted out wooden cabin, or a yurt! All of your options are surrounded by nature, have beautiful outdoor seating areas, and compost toilets. 

The absolute highlight, especially if you are staying in Badger’s Bower, the tabernacle, is the wood fired hot tub. No electricity needed, the two person wooden tub is heated to a gloriously warm temperature by a log burner, and you need to stir the water with a paddle to make sure the water temperature is consistent all the way through. 

Being able to sit in an all natural hot tub, completely immersed in the surrounding woodland is a really incredible experience. To take the whole thing one step further, pour yourself a drink of your choice and enjoy the tub at night. You’ll see the stars peeking through the canopy of trees and are likely to catch a glimpse of some of the local wildlife if you’re quiet! 

If you’re staying in the tabernacle but a night time dip doesn’t tickle your fancy, run yourself a hot bath in the freestanding tub in the tabernacle itself. From the tub, the surrounding windows mean you’ve got a prime view for watching the woodland wildlife come and go, and the privacy of the plot means you won’t have to worry about anyone seeing you! 

A view of a wooden tabernacle in a woods
Yurt Retreat

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