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Super tree in Singapore Gardens by the Bay

If you want to experience a truly amazing day out with sustainability at its heart, consider taking a visit to the absolutely spectacular Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. 

What is Gardens by the Bay?

Pretty much what it says on the tin, Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay is a series of magnificent gardens by the waterfront. However, these are gardens like you have never seen before and people travel the world to see them. 

The most well-known area of the gardens is the Supertree Grove, which is popular with instagrammers looking for the perfect background for their photos, environmentalists, and art enthusiasts. This area boasts 12 enormous tree structures made from metal. Plants, vines, and wildlife have made their homes on these structures, encouraging biodiversity. You can visit the top of one of the trees for amazing views. 

Other areas of the attraction include large lakes, a heritage garden section, and the ‘Cloud Forest’ which is an enormous cooled conservatory. 

A super tree against a blue sky in Singapore's Gardens by the Bay
Credit: Unsplash

What makes Gardens by the Bay eco friendly?

The Gardens by the Bay claim that they have the principles of environmental sustainability at their heart, and this is quite clear from visiting!

The indoor portions of the gardens are home to some plants which have a high conservation value, and the structures themselves were built using sustainable engineering in order to dramatically reduce energy consumption. 

Many areas of the gardens have been designed and created with an aim of improving the biodiversity of the area. You can read more about this on the official Gardens by the Bay website

Think Carefully before you visit

While the gardens are an amazing place to visit, they are situated in Singapore. If you are visiting Singapore or a neighbouring country anyway then make the visit and see what’s on offer. In the interests of sustainable travel, however, make sure you make the absolute most out of your trip while you are travelling with such a significant carbon footprint. Consider making your trip a long one so you can see and do everything you want to, rather than coming back on another flight at a later date. 

Waterfall inside Gardens by the Bay

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