The Best Flasks For When You’re Out And About

Klean Kanteen flask with hills and mountains in the background

If you’re out and about exploring in either a new city, or the countryside, stopping to have a hot drink can be a real blessing. There are thousands of flasks on the market, and most of us have tried a few different options, but there’s one brand in particular that always comes out on top for us here at We have written about Klean Kanteen before here, but as a brand they deserve to be shouted about!

Who are Klean Kanteen?

Klean Kanteen are a US based company who produce insulated drinks flasks and a handful of other related products. The products are produced in China to high ethical standards – something that cannot be said for other flask manufacturers. You can find out more about the production process on the official Klean Kanteen website where they are wonderfully transparent about their ethics. 

Why are Klean Kanteen flasks so good?

Most flasks will keep your drink hot for a few hours before the contents start to cool. Klean Kanteen flasks are expertly insulated to retain temperature and do so better than other options on the market. They keep hot drinks hot for w whopping 11 hours, and if you use it for cold drinks, it’ll stay cold for up to 38 hours. This makes KK flasks the absolute best when you’re travelling and want to make sure you’ve got a hot (or cold) drink available to you later on. 

What else do they sell?

Aside from regular drinks flasks, there are a number of different lids you can buy for your flask. KK also make insulated drinks tumblers with straws, steel straw sets, kids’ flasks, and insulated food canisters! The food cannisters are another amazing option when you’re out and about and want to take a hot meal with you. They’re also perfect for camping!

Klean Kanteen flask with hills and mountains in the background

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