The Corbenic Poetry Path in the Perthshire Countryside

A couple walk through the woods on a woodland path

Scotland is home to some of the greatest writers and poets out there, so it’s only fitting that there are a handful of really great places to go if you’re after some bookish travel! The Corbenic Poetry Path in Perthshire, Scotland, is one of these fantastic bookish places that’s worth a visit and a dedicated couple of hours (or more) to properly explore. Set in 3km of woodland and moor, the Corbenic Poetry Path will immerse you in poetry and sculpture as you walk

What does Corbenic Mean?

Corbenic is the name of the Grail castle – the castle that famously houses the Holy Grail when it comes to Arthurian legend. Corbenic is widely believed to have been located in North Wales, although the chances are, we will never know for sure. Today, Corbenic is often used as a boy’s name, and it’s the name of the fantastic Corbenic Poetry Path in Scotland. 

What will I find on the Corbenic Poetry Path?

As you walk along the 3km trail, you’ll find a grand total of 32 poems and sculptures to explore and discover. The walk along the path is perfect for an afternoon stroll without any poetry stops, but the poems add a layer of magic. The path has been described as ‘yoga for the mind’ which sums it up perfectly. 

The poetry sculptures along the trail come in many different forms, and it’s brilliant fun making sure you stop to find and examine them all. If you’re with children then the sculptures are wonderful conversation starters – talk about what you think the meanings are, what you like about the sculptures, and have a go at some of your own spoken word poetry as you go. 

When to visit

The trail is open all year round, and it’s equally as great to visit in every season. Depending on when you visit, you’ll see different things on your walk, and the poetry might speak to you different lights. If you have the chance, visit the path more than once, at different times of year so you can compare your visits! 


Sadly, the Corbenic Poetry Path is not yet accessible for wheelchairs or pushchairs. 

Credit: Unsplash

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