Stay at Gladstone’s Library

Shelves in a library stacked high with colourful books.

We love a bit of bookish travel here at Roonee, and there is plenty of it to be had right here in the UK. A wonderful bookish destination for any bookworm is Gladstone’s Library just over the Welsh border in Flintshire, not far away from Chester. 

William Gladstone was Prime Minister a whopping four times between 1868 and 1894, and during this time he founded Gladstone’s Library which currently boasts 150,000 printed items to read and explore. Today, Gladstone’s Library is available to visit if you obtain a pass, and you can also stay in one of the 26 beautiful bedrooms if you want to get some serious reading in. Gladstone’s Library doesn’t have all of the amenities you’d expect of a hotel, and should be considered more of a bookish retreat than a stay at a hotel. 

Staying at the Library

The rooms are reasonably priced and come with all the toiletries and towels you need for a stay. The rates usually include a continental breakfast, but double check before you book.  Interestingly, there are no TVs in any of the rooms, making this the ultimate reader’s haven as there are no distractions! Some of the rooms come complete with their own reading areas which is perfect for if you want to continue reading once the main library rooms have closed. Get in touch with Gladstone’s Library before you book if you’re interested in staying in a room with a reading room attached. 

Reading at the Library

When it comes to reading, you have access to the main libraries every day from 9am until 5pm, and additional access is granted to the Theology Reading Room for residents. The whole library has a policy of silence, making it the most amazing place to get completely and utterly absorbed in a book or two (or three or four). While the silence is perfect for reading, it makes this a definite adults-only stay!

Have you visited Gladstone’s Library? We would love to hear what you thought!

Shelves in a library stacked high with colourful books.

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