Sustainable travel in the UK? Check out Cornwall

If you want to experience some amazing sites in the UK while keeping sustainability at the heart of your travel, consider visiting the beautiful county of Cornwall. With its stunning coastline, rich cultural heritage, and strong commitment to sustainability, Cornwall offers a plethora of experiences for environmentally conscious travellers.

Renewable energy initiatives

Cornwall is a pioneer in renewable energy, with numerous wind turbines and solar farms contributing to its green energy grid. You can learn about these initiatives and even visit some sustainable energy sites that offer guided tours.

Organic farms and markets

Cornwall boasts a vibrant organic food scene. Explore local farmers’ markets and visit organic farms to sample fresh, locally grown produce. Many restaurants also prioritise sourcing ingredients from nearby farms, supporting the local economy.

Coastal clean-up activities

Cornwall’s pristine beaches are a crucial part of its appeal. Participate in organised beach clean-up events or simply pick up any litter you encounter during your visit to contribute to the preservation of these natural wonders.

Wildlife conservation centres

Cornwall is home to several wildlife conservation centres, such as the Cornish Seal Sanctuary. These centers rescue and rehabilitate injured marine animals, providing educational opportunities and promoting conservation efforts.

Sustainable accommodations

Cornwall offers a range of eco-friendly accommodations, from boutique hotels to glamping sites. Look for accommodations with green certifications and practices, such as water conservation and energy efficiency.

Outdoor adventures

Explore Cornwall’s breathtaking landscapes through eco-conscious activities such as hiking along the South West Coast Path, kayaking in tranquil coves, and cycling through picturesque villages. Guided tours often focus on environmental education.

Art and sustainability

Cornwall’s artistic community often intertwines creativity with sustainability. Explore local galleries and studios that highlight environmentally themed artwork or incorporate recycled materials.

Local crafts and artisanal products

Support local artisans by purchasing handmade crafts and products. Cornwall’s artisans often create unique items inspired by the natural beauty of the region.

Marine conservation

Given its coastal location, Cornwall emphasises marine conservation. Engage in responsible water activities, such as snorkelling and diving, to observe marine life while respecting their habitats.

Historical and cultural sites

Cornwall’s rich history and culture are reflected in its historic sites and museums. Learn about the county’s mining heritage, its connection to the arts, and its role in promoting sustainability.

Waste reduction initiatives

Cornwall encourages waste reduction through recycling and responsible waste disposal. Be sure to adhere to local recycling guidelines and minimise single-use plastics during your visit.

Cornwall community sustainability events

Keep an eye out for community events focused on sustainability, such as eco-friendly markets, talks, and workshops. These events offer opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals and learn more about local efforts.

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