How to create more bedroom storage space in your kids’ room

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Let’s chat bedroom storage! As your family grows, so does your need for storage. It’s widely accepted that kids tend to come with a lot of stuff, whether that’s clothes, toys, dinnerware, kids’ furniture, or something else. The question every parent has asked at some point, is where on earth to store all the paraphernalia that comes along with a growing family?

Often the solution is storage bags and boxes tucked away into wardrobes and corners of bedrooms. Toys often get relegated to an overflowing toy box next to the bed, in the front room, or even hanging from some kind of net that’s been attached to the ceiling!

The reality is, if you have kids, you’ve probably wondered about clever storage solutions at one point or another, and tried to find a way of keeping the mess to a minimum. If you’ve not yet found a solution that works for you, bedroom storage is a wonderful place to start, and it’s surprisingly simple with solutions like divan beds, ottoman beds, and storage cubes!

Divan Beds

One of the easiest way to create storage in the bedroom is to switch up your bed with a divan bed. Divan beds are a wonderful option that can come with a surprisingly large amount of storage built in. If you’re not sure what a divan bed is, think ‘bed with built in storage drawers’ and you’ll be pretty much there! 

Divan beds can come with one big built in drawer, or several smaller ones – either way, drawers in your bed is a fantastic way of keeping things tucked neatly away whether you need the extra storage in your kids’ rooms or your own. Having multiple easy access drawers right under the bed makes for a practical and tidy storage solution, and it’s easy to keep things organised. One drawer for the kids’ toys, and another for their out of season clothes? Perfect!

Bedroom Storage Cubes

If you have the space, a little storage cube can be a great way of keeping things neat and tidy in any kids’ room, and they are usually fully customisable which is perfect for making sure it’s a solution that will work whether you want to store books, toys, or clothes. Storage cube units come in all sorts of sizes, so you can get a unit how ever big or small you need – just one single cube, or a set that fits in the room from floor to ceiling!

Simply pop your storage cube unit in the kids’ bedroom, and work out if you want accessories to fit your lifestyle and needs. You can get simple drawers that slide in and out of the unit, cupboard doors to clip onto the front and hide whatever is inside, or divider shelves which turn each storage cube into the perfect place to keep books.

Bedroom storage shelves

It might seem obvious, but bedroom storage shelves are often overlooked as a great storage solution! A couple of small shelves can be all you need to get all the kids’ books up off the floor, and a few heavier duty shelves can be an amazing solution for storing the toys that the kids don’t use every day, but aren’t quite ready to part with yet. 

One of the joys of having a couple of shelves is the fact that they’re on display. Unlike other storage solutions, this is fantastic if you have an eye for tinkering to make things look lovely. Books with a few book ends always look great in any room in the house, but toys can look beautiful on a shelf too, especially if they’re lovely and bright! If you need any inspiration, the likes of Pinterest and Instagram are awash with ‘shelfies’ full of lovely kids’ stuff!

Ottoman Beds

Another amazing bed storage solution is an ottoman bed. You’ll find ottoman beds where the whole mattress simply lifts up to reveal a spacious storage area underneath. This is one of the best possible ways to store clothes and toys as there is simply so much room to play with! You can vacuum seal all of your family’s out of season clothes and toys into bags to get the absolute most out of your space, or you could invest in some simple drawer organisers to use inside the bed. If you opt for organisers, an Ottoman bed can be the perfect place to store pretty much ANYTHING, and you’ll be able to get at it quickly and easily whenever you need it!

There you have it, a few very simple, but hugely effective storage solutions that will help any parent keep all the kids’ stuff stored away. What do you think – which storage solution is the most convenient?

When you have kids, having good storage solutions is important. Kids' bedroom storage is easier than you might think...

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