Eco Product of the Year 2018 – Klean Kanteen

Many of us have been making gradual swaps to using an eco product or two around the house and on our travels. Having tried a fair few eco products, we definitely have our favourites here at Out of everything, there’s one particular product that has really stood out for us – the Klean Kanteen

Eco Product – Klean Kanteen

We’ve all got a little hoarde of reusable bottles and flasks tucked away in the kitchen. At first, we really weren’t sure the Klean Kanteen would be any different from our existing stash, but after a few days of use it became clear that it’s head and shoulders above the rest. While other flasks and bottles tend to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for a few hours, the Klean Kanteen goes above and beyond. 

The Klean Kanteen website and packaging on the flasks themselves claim that the flasks keep hot drinks hot for up to 11 hours and cold drinks cold for 38 hours. We did a few experiments where we made a hot drink in the morning, left it in the KK all day, and came back to it after work. Sure enough the drinks were still piping hot – more than we can say for our other flasks. 

Obviously, the amazing (and possibly a bit magic) insulating qualities of the KK are wonderful for a number of reasons. If you’re travelling then you can make a hot drink in the morning that will stay hot all day, and equally, you can fill up with an ice cold drink that’ll stay cold for over two days! If you’re a busy mum who never gets to finish a hot drink before it gets cold, a KK will solve your problem. The secure lid means that there’s no chance of any pesky spillages either, making it a safe option around kids. 

Rumour has it that the insulating properties are so good that the KK is a really good way of transporting little ice lollies to the beach as they’ll stay cold and still be frozen when you arrive! 

Let us know, have you heard of Klean Kanteen? Do you want to try one? They come in various different sizes and colours so there’s something for everyone!

5 Klean Kanteen flasks lined up on a flower bed

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