Solo Female Travel – Essential Travel Details To Write Down Before Your Trip

A hand writes a travel itinerary over a map with glasses and coloured pencils in a notebook

When you’re on the go as a solo female traveller, having your phone stolen, or losing it, is the stuff of nightmares. Sadly, pickpockets will sometimes target solo female travellers, so it always pays to be prepared for the worst-case scenario by having a copy of all your essential travel details stashed away somewhere safe. Whether you hand write them, or type and print them out, it doesn’t matter – just make sure you know where they are. So, what exactly constitutes essential travel details?

1. Flight and travel details

If your travel details are all digital, then make sure you make a soft copy to take with you. Write down journey times, flight numbers, and anything else that could possibly be useful. If you had a digital check in and boarding pass then the chances are the airport staff will be able to print you a copy of your boarding pass, as long as you know which flight is yours and you’ve got your passport with you! 

2. Accommodation details

Imagine arriving in your destination town or city only to find yourself without a phone holding all of your hotel reservation details.  Just in case you ever find yourself in this situation, write down the name and address of your accommodation, and reservation number.

3. Emergency telephone numbers

Even if you know your emergency contacts’ numbers by heart, write them down anyway. If anything were to happen to you and you weren’t conscious, having emergency numbers clearly written down is always a good idea. 

4. Useful phrases

If you are travelling somewhere where you don’t speak the language, write down some key words and phrases. Having a small phrasebook solves this issue too, and it’s an even better idea to try to learn some useful phrases before your trip – apps like Duolingo are great for this. 

5. Your itinerary

If you find yourself on the go without your phone, it doesn’t have to ruin your entire trip. There are plenty of destinations where it’s easy enough to buy a cheap replacement phone, but if that’s not going to be possible, make sure to have a rough copy of your itinerary on you. Write down the places you want to see, how you’re planning on getting there, and their opening times!

A hand writes a travel itinerary over a map with glasses and coloured pencils in a notebook

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