Solo Female Travel – Nürnberg

Nürnberg building

As part of our solo female travel series, we are exploring what Nürnberg (or Nuremberg) in Germany is like as a solo female traveller. Easy to get to, flights to Nürnberg can usually be found at cheap rates from all of the major UK airports, and it clocks in at about a three hour flight. Despite being considered off the beaten track for many people, there is plenty to do all over the city and it can make a wonderful getaway. 

Houses in Nürnberg oer a body of water on a clear day
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When it comes to safety, Nürnberg is a reasonably safe city with low crime rates. The transport system from the airport to the city is incredibly straight foreword and feels safe for a female to navigate alone – day or night. Simply follow signs to the U2 subway line, buy yourself a ticket, and hop on a train. It’s a 12 minute journey to the centre with no changes, and these trains run from the airport every 10 minutes.

Once in the city centre you’ll find a series of beautiful cobbled streets to explore and cafés and restaurants to sit in and watch the world go by. The people of Nürnberg are friendly and are usually more than happy to try and help you if you need directions! There is a bus system that runs throughout the city which is, again, easy to navigate. This can be used if you want to explore a little bit outside of the city centre. 

It’s worth noting that as Nürnberg isn’t a major tourist destination, English is not widely spoken, so make sure you have a German phrasebook with you! If you have a smartphone that works in Germany, it’s a good idea to have the Google Translate app (or similar) installed, just in case you need to be understood in German. While there is a handful of museums to explore, be aware that not all of them provide English translations.

As with all cities, make sure you keep a close hold of your valuables as you explore. Even though crime rates are low in the city, looking like a solo traveller can make you an easy target for pickpockets. Investing in a money belt is a great idea before you travel, just so you can keep your passport and money as secure as possible.  

Nürnberg is so easy to get to, and flights are often so frequent, that it’s entirely possible to visit the city as a day trip without having to stay the night. In this sense, if you are new to solo female travel, it is a wonderful option if you want to dip your toe into the world of solo travel. If you do want to stay a little longer, there are some great hotel and B&B options in the city centre – just make sure to read the reviews before you book!

Colourful old houses in Nuremberg along a cobbled street
Credit: Unsplash

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