3 solid shampoo brands to consider for your next trip

Travelling with solid toiletries is great for a whole host of reasons, and we have written about these before. Mainly, nothing is going to leak all over your luggage, and going for solid toiletries usually means going plastic free which is kinder to the planet. 

There are lots of plastic free shampoos to choose from, both online and in stores, and sometimes it can feel overwhelming when trying to work out what’s best for you. Like regular bottled shampoo, different shampoos will work differently on different people, so it can be a little trial and error before you find something that works for you, but here are three great brands to get you started. 

  • Lush

Lush has become a high street staple in most UK cities, and is well known for its love of the environment and gorgeous smelling bath bombs and shower gels. Lush offer a range of haircare products that are all made while being vegan friendly and cruelty free. Lush solid bars are also plastic free so you can be safe in the knowledge that you are buying a product that isn’t damaging the planet like bottled shampoos often do. There are a number of different haircare products that are formulated for different hair types. Staff members in Lush stores are always happy to help you find something that’ll work for you, and if you’re shopping online, there are great product descriptions to help you decide what to buy!

  • Ethique

New Zealand earth conscious brand, Ethique has landed in the UK. Ethique offer a great range of hair products, including solid shampoos for various hair types. A lovely feature of many Ethique products is that they come in a regular size, and a smaller, sample size. This is a perfect way of being able to try out a new shampoo to see if it works on your hair type without having to commit to a full size bar. It’s also a great option to take the smaller size bar away with you when travelling as it takes up so much less space!

  • EcoLiving

The Ecoliving shampoo bars have received critical acclaim in UK eco communities – the formula seems to work very well for the majority of people who try the bars. There are a handful of different scents to choose from – all delightful. The shampoo bar doesn’t contain soap, meaning you won’t have to deal with a transition phase when switching from regular bottled shampoo to an Ecoliving bar.

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