Eco Friendly Toiletries For Your Next Trip

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Our team of writers and travellers here at Roonee are all environmentally conscious, and have amassed a good knowledge of eco friendly toiletries that work well for travel. It’s been a few years since we last highlighted any of our favourites, so it’s high time we shout about the best eco friendly toiletries for travelling! 

You’ll find that all of the following products are not only earth conscious, but also liquid free. From a travel standpoint, this makes life much easier. Any of the following products can be taken onboard a plane in a carry-on without having to be separated when you go through airport security! It also means that there’s no chance of any pesky leaks while you’re in transit – bonus!

A pile of bars of colourful soaps
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Eco Friendly Toiletries – our favourites!Earth Conscious Deodorant

Deodorant Alternatives

  • Earth Conscious Solid Deodorant

Earth Conscious Deodorant comes in several scents (or unscented if that’s more your thing), and you can choose between a low packaging tube, or a ‘naked’ bar which comes packaging free! For travelling, we find the option that comes in a cardboard tube is a bit more practical, as it means the deodorant itself is protected against anything else that’s in your bag. 

The deodorant is completely natural, vegan, and good for sensitive skin –  sodium bicarbonate is the ingredient that tackles smells and it does its job very well! All you need to do is rub the deodorant under your arms and you’re good to go. The version in a cardboard tube is the perfect size to keep in your day bag, so if you’re exploring somewhere hot you can reapply whenever you might need!

  • Lamazuna Solid Deodorant Bar

Lamazuna Solid Deodorant bars come in a few different scents and will keep you feeling (and smelling) fresh all day long, even when you’re travelling somewhere warm. Lamazuna is a French brand known for it’s top notch ethics and general eco friendly nature – their deodorants are no exception to their values and are totally natural and vegan friendly. 

To use this deodorant, all you need to do is wet the bar and then give it a good rub into your armpits. As long as you have access to water, these bars are a good option and are great travel companions! 

Toothpaste alternatives

  • Truthpaste

Truthpaste has made a bit of a splash since it made its debut on the ethical market – it’s won numerous awards and has proved to be popular with eco enthusiasts and environmentalist everywhere. It comes in a range of flavours, so if you’re not a big fan of mint, you’re in luck!

Truthpaste comes in glass jars – for travel we recommend decanting however much you need into a smaller travel pot that’s not made from glass – reusing sample pots from places like Lush works really well for us. While we love the zero-plastic packaging, glass can cause issues when you’re on the go! 

  • Lush Toothpaste Tabs

Lush Toothpaste tabs (or Toothy Tabs) from Lush have been around for a while now, and we can’t fault them. They’re amazing for travel! They come in a small non-virgin plastic bottle which is perfect for on the go. If you’re only going away for a night or two then it’s really easy to just take the right number of tabs with you if you need to save on space in your bag. 

We found toothpaste tabs took a few goes to get used to, but now we all love them. You nibble a tab until it’s a paste, and then brush your teeth as usual. There are a few options to choose from, so have a browse on the site and see what tickles your fancy! 

Shampoo Alternatives

  • Ecoliving Soap Free Shampoo

If you’ve got your ear to the ground in the eco-friendly toiletry world then you may have heard about Ecoliving Soap Free Shampoo before. It’s now widely regarded as the best solid shampoo on the market, and with good cause. The soap-free ingredients list has been cleverly formulated so that no transition time is needed when swapping to this shampoo from another. Your hair will feel great after your very first wash with any of the Ecoliving bars, and the fact that it’s solid means that it’s perfect for travel. For short trips, we cut a bit off with a kitchen knife so we don’t need to take the whole bar with us.

Perfume Alternatives

  • We love to make sure we smell good, even when we’re on the go and have just got off a cramped, sweaty plane. Solid perfume is our answer to this, and we are big fans of the options on offer at Lush. For £10 you can buy a little tin of perfume that looks a bit like a tin of lip balm – there are 13 scents to choose from so go to a physical Lush store to have a sniff if you can. Whichever scent you end up going for, you’ll be surprised by how powerful the little tin is – it’ll last for ages and will make you smell divine! 

Body Wash Alternatives

  • Our Tiny Bees Cold Pressed Soap

Our Tiny bees is a brand that we love – everything that they make is just lovely! There is a whole range of amazing skincare to explore (which is all great for travel incidentally), but we like to travel with the cold pressed soap! We simply cut a bit off for our journey so we don’t need to take the whole bar, and really enjoy washing off the day with this lovely soap range. 

  • Shower Blocks Gel Bars

Shower Blocks is a fairly new UK company that makes shower gel with a twist – it’s solid! When the solid bar gets wet, the very outer layer turns to a slightly gellish consistency, making it a really great alternative to travelling with traditional shower gel. We have found that these bars work perfectly for using as shaving cream for non-intimate areas thanks to the cool consistency, so it’s a bit of a 2-in-1 situation!

We have seen that Shower Blocks have just brought out a range of 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner bars which looks great. We haven’t tried them yet, but if they’re as good as the gel bars, they will be perfect for using on the go! 

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