Go Green and save money with Dentek

Dentek have become a household name when it comes to dental hygiene. Many people will have used Dentek’s flossers and brushes, as they are a great way of making sure your teeth are kept clean and healthy. DenTek have now introduced eco-friendly interdental brushes and flossers which is wonderful news for the environment, and they are surprisingly kind on the wallet too. 

Eco-friendly materials

The eco-friendly floss picks are made from a plant-based resin, making them a much more earth friendly alternative to their plastic counterparts. DenTek flossers are now made from the same plant-based resin, meaning there is an eco-friendly option for you whether you use the picks, flossers, or both!

Save money with DenTek’s eco-friendly range

When it comes to looking at DenTek products from a money saving point of view, keeping on top of your oral hygiene in general is a wonderful way of looking after your finances. Fillings and other dental work can quickly rack up high costs whether you go through an NHS dentist, a dental plan, or are a patient at a private dental practice. By using DenTek products to look after your teeth as part of your every day routine, you minimise the need for expensive dental treatment. This can save hundreds (sometimes thousands) of pounds in the long run. 

Jennifer Hudson, Senior Brand Manager at DenTek says, “With the huge backlog of 43 million NHS dental appointments and soaring costs, it really pays to invest in the health of your teeth with a proper oral care routine. That means brushing twice a day, using interdental cleaners at least once a day and cleaning the tongue. Our message is “prevention is better than cure.” 

DenTek’s eco-friendly range for travel and on the go

While we love the eco-friendly DenTek range for the planet friendly and money saving aspects, here at Roonee we also love a find that makes travel just a little bit easier. The whole range of DenTek’s eco-friendly oral hygiene picks and brushes are wonderful for travelling with. They are small enough to be able to pop into the tiniest pockets of your suitcase, backpack, or bag when you are on the go. DenTek’s range of eco-friendly brushes come complete with a little lid to keep your brush safe and hygienic while you’re travelling with it. Keeping on top of your oral hygiene routine has never been easier when you’re travelling and there really is no excuse not to take a couple of DenTek products with you wherever you go! 

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