3 Reasons to Travel Alone

Have you ever thought about travelling alone? It might feel like a scary prospect, but there are some amazing reasons to travel alone! 

1. Experience the freedom of solo travel

Perhaps the most joyous thing to discover when you travel alone, is the freedom. You can go wherever you want, whenever you want, and you are not confined to anyone else’s interests or schedules. If you want to visit every post-box in a remote Mediterranean town, go for it – nobody is going to stop you! Fancy laying by the sea for three days straight? Don’t worry, nobody is going to frag you away to look at something you’re not interested in. 

Often the amazing freedom that comes with solo travel is closely accompanied by an immense sense of achievement. The realisation that you’ve managed to do exactly what you wanted, when you wanted is a great feeling. 

A woman sits on top of a rock looking out at mountain scenery
Credit: Unsplash

2. Push your boundaries

There’s nothing quite like the realisation that you have faced your fears and pushed your boundaries to experience something new. There can be a lot of this when you travel alone, and it’s very rewarding. Travelling alone in itself can be pushing boundaries for many people, but even things like taking yourself to breakfast somewhere new, ordering a drink in the local language, or hiking a new route somewhere new can be amazing. 

3. Take some real you time

Solo travel can be a wonderful kind of escapism and self-love. Travelling alone gives you time to focus on yourself and your needs, and get away from the hustle and bustle of the every day life for a little bit. Take the time to stop and relax, think about the things you love, and experience new things that make you happy. Hopefully taking some you time will mean that when you return home, you’ll feel refreshed. 

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