Ultimate Christmas gift guide for game enthusiasts – 2023

As Christmas approaches, we are starting to think about gifting for friends and family especially those who appreciate a good game. We’ve come across all kinds of wonderful gifting options here at Roonee, and we will be sharing our highlights with you over the next few weeks. Keep an eye on our gift guides section to see our latest articles!

1. Genius Star: A Brain-Teasing Puzzle

Bring joy to your gaming friends and family with Genius Star, an ingenious puzzle game that’s designed to challenge their problem-solving skills. With its colourful star-like shapes, this captivating game offers a fantastic opportunity to enhance cognitive abilities and enjoy hours of entertainment. Here at Roonee HQ, we’ve been playing with our Genius Stars for a couple of weeks and we absolutely love them and think they’d make super gifts for anyone about aged 8+. Priced at just £14.99, it’s an affordable and brilliant gift choice.

Genius Star – £14.99

2. ‘New Phone Who Dis’: The Hilarious Card Game

‘New Phone Who Dis’ is hilariously entertaining and it’s perfect for keeping the laughter rolling at gatherings. Players get to combine messages and responses to create uproarious text exchanges. Think ‘Cards Against Humanity’, but in text message form – this really is a wonderful gift option suitable for adults. A big bonus – ‘New Phone Who Dis’ is available at a wallet-friendly price of £14.99.

‘New Phone Who Dis’ – £14.99

3. Cozy Board Game: Perfect for Winter Nights

For relaxed game nights during the chilly winter season, consider board game classics like ‘Ticket to Ride’ and ‘Catan.’ These cozy board games offer endless warmth and entertainment for evenings with friends and family. ‘Ticket to Ride’ and ‘Catan’ are both available at approximately £34.99 each. Team Roonee are big fans of both, and we love the fact that there are varying versions of Ticket to Ride, so you can enjoy slightly different versions of this classic game.

‘Ticket to Ride’ – £34.99

‘Catan’ – £34.99

4. Tinderblox: Fun on the Go

Tinderblox is a compact game perfect for those on the move. Its small size makes it a great addition to your bag when you’re on the go and need a fun way to pass the time. The aim of the game is to use the campfire coloured blocks to build a fire on the table in front of you. Cards determine the placement of your pieces, and the aim is to not knock the tower down! Priced at £9.99, it’s a pocket-friendly game that promises quick, engaging entertainment.

Tinderblox – £9.99

5. Nintendo Switch Game: ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’

Nintendo Switch fans will be thrilled with ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.’ This critically acclaimed action-adventure game opens up an expansive fantasy world, inviting players to embark on epic quests and explore captivating landscapes. Priced at £49.99, it’s an outstanding addition to anyone’s gaming collection. Even if your recipient hasn’t ever forayed into the world of Zelda before, this is a brilliant stand alone option, and no prior knowledge of Zelda is needed.

‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ – £49.99

6. Bonus Games for Endless Fun

If you’re after something else, consider ‘Codenames,’ a captivating word game priced at just £10.99, and ‘Exploding Kittens,’ a quirky and hilarious card game available for £14.99. Both games offer hours of entertainment and make excellent additions to any game enthusiast’s collection.

‘Codenames’ – £10.99

‘Exploding Kittens’ – £14.99

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