Eco-friendly gift wrapping for 2023

As the holiday season draws near, our thoughts naturally turn to gift-giving, cosy gatherings of friends and family, and, of course, beautifully wrapped presents under the tree. However, it’s no secret that traditional gift wrapping, with its shiny paper and disposable bows, isn’t the greenest choice. This year, why not embrace the spirit of sustainability and explore eco-friendly ways to wrap your gifts? Let’s unwrap some fantastic ideas that will make your presents not only look good but also do good for the planet.

1. Reimagine newspapers and magazines

Before you recycle those old newspapers or magazines, consider giving them a second life as wrapping paper. Not only does this option save resources, but it also adds a unique, vintage touch to your gifts. Customise your wrapping further by selecting pages with images or articles that resonate with your recipient’s interests. We absolutely love using pages from the Lush Times which is sometimes available in Lush stores!

2. Fabric wraps and scarves

Swap out single-use wrapping paper for reusable fabric wraps or scarves. The Japanese art of Furoshiki, which involves wrapping items in cloth, offers an elegant and eco-friendly alternative. Plus, the fabric itself can serve as an additional gift, encouraging a sustainable lifestyle. We’ve found some brilliant Furoshiki wrapping tutorials on Pinterest.

3. Brown paper packages tied up with string

Good old brown paper isn’t just for post packages. It makes for excellent, eco-friendly gift wrapping too. Personalise it with hand-drawn designs, stamps, or a touch of paint. Finish the look with twine or ribbon made from natural materials, such as jute or cotton. If you’re careful, there isn’t any need for tape, but if you want to use some,

4. Upcycled maps and atlas pages

If you have old maps or atlases gathering dust, consider using them for gift wrapping. This not only adds a touch of wanderlust to your presents but also repurposes materials that might otherwise go unused.

5. Reusable tins and boxes

For an eco-friendly twist, give your gifts in reusable tins, wooden boxes, or baskets this year. These containers can be part of the gift itself, providing a practical storage solution long after the holiday season ends.

9. Recyclable and plant-based paper

If you prefer traditional wrapping paper, opt for brands that use recyclable and plant-based materials. Look for certifications like FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) to ensure your choice supports responsible forestry practices. It should usually be clear on the packaging if your wrapping paper is fully recyclable.

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