Exploring Amsterdam with Kids

a canal in Amsterdam on a clear day

Amsterdam is an amazing city to visit, whatever your interests are, but it is often misrepresented. Despite it’s adult attractions, Amsterdam is a wonderfully child friendly city with plenty of green spaces, playgrounds, and fantastic attractions that are perfect for children to see and explore. Here’s our round up of visiting Amsterdam with kids:

Accessibility in Amsterdam

If you are travelling in Amsterdam with a buggy or wheelchair, then you’ll be pleased to hear that most of the city is very accessible. The famed flatness of the city is a bonus, but walkways and doorways are wide, and you’ll find it fairly easy to navigate around the city. Amsterdam locals are also some of the friendliest people on the planet, and are usually more than happy to help if you need a hand lifting your buggy up a kerb, or off the train. 

Eating and drinking in Amsterdam

Perhaps surprising, is the amazing child friendly nature of the cafés, bars, and restaurants of the city. Even some of the most artisan cafés, are set up for parents who have brought their kids along –  there are not to be confused with Amsterdam coffee shops which are something entirely different and to be avoided with kids. You’ll often find a selection of kids’ books and toys ready and waiting to keep little ones entertained while you spend a few minutes sipping a delicious drink and giving your feet a rest. If you’re after recommendations, check out Caffénation on Warmondstraat – here, you can get a great coffee while your kids happily play in a child friendly area! 

Places to explore in Amsterdam with Kids

There is no shortage of beautiful green space in Amsterdam, and these spaces are some of the best places you can possibly go with the kids. Amsterdam parks are wonderfully accessible, and you can usually see mums pushing their babies and toddlers round in strollers as they chat to each other. Throughout the parks, there are also superb playgrounds to be explored, each one a little different! If you have a babe in arms then consider going on a canal boat tour – these operate from opposite the Central Train Station and are beautifully relaxing. You won’t be able to take a buggy on the boat with you, but you can always ask the ticket office staff to look after it for the duration of your trip. 

If you walk round some of the quieter, more suburban streets of the city, you’ll see children playing on the street on warm days, and there is always evidence of child’s play in the form of hopscotch drawings, and little bicycles to be seen on every street corner. 

If you have older children, then a whole world of awesome sights and activities opens up. The NEMO Science Museum comes highly recommended, and there’s a Ripley’s ‘Believe it or Not’ museum if you and your kids are interested in learning all kinds of weird and wonderful facts! Alternatively, the zoo is worth a visit on a clear day, and the Youseum is often rated highly amongst teens for it’s great ‘instagramability’! 

A canal in Amsterdam on a clear day
Credit: Unsplash

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