Fun bath toys for travel: Tomy’s top picks for International Bath Day

In honour of International Bath Day, we’re celebrating the joy of bath time with little ones and the excitement it brings. When it comes to travel, having compact and entertaining bath toys for your children can make bath time on the go a breeze. Tomy, a trusted brand known for their quality toys, offers a range of options perfect for keeping your little explorers engaged, and we are long time fans of the brand here at Roonee. Let’s dive into three fantastic Tomy toys that are ideal for travel: Octopals, Do Re Mi Dolphins, and if you have a little more space, the Bubble and Bake Bathtime Kitchen.

Octopals: Splashing Fun for Water Play

The Octopals are a vibrant water toy and the set is sure to captivate your child’s imagination – The Octopals are also absolutely adorable. This multicoloured set features a mummy octopus and eight baby water squirters. With their ability to stick to the bath or tiles, you won’t have to worry about losing them which is a nice bonus when it comes to playing on the go. Each baby octopus is marked with a different number, encouraging number matching fun and promoting early learning when your little one is ready. Turn the mummy octopus upside down for a refreshing water shower, providing hours of interactive water play.

Priced at £16.99, Octopals is suitable for ages 12 months+ and available at various retailers, including Amazon, Smyths, and Argos.

International Bath Day favourite – Do Re Mi Dolphins: Musical Bath-Time Harmony

Make bath time a musical experience with the Do Re Mi Dolphins. This delightful set features musical dolphins that sing different notes when tapped on the head. Your little ones can rearrange the dolphins to create their own sequences and play unique tunes! These chunky and interactive toys can float in the bath or pool and can be sorted into their colour-coded rings for added play. If we had to pick our favourite Tomy bath toy – this would probably be it. We just can’t resist a musical dolphin and the littlest team members of Roonee absolutely love playing with them.

Do Re Mi Dolphins, priced at £22.99, are suitable for ages 12 months+ and can be found at retailers such as Amazon, Smyths, and Hamley’s.

Bubble & Bake Bathtime Kitchen: Cook Up Bath-Time Fun

Step into the world of culinary creativity with the Bubble & Bake Bathtime Kitchen. This bestselling toy combines the joy of pretend play with the excitement of bath time. The set includes a pot that produces bubbles when placed on the hob, a sink with a functioning tap for water flow, and hooks to hang the utensils for drying. The interactive features of this kitchen set provide endless imaginative play and we would thoroughly recommend taking this set on trips and staycations with you if you have the space. We are contemplating taking this awesome set away with us on our next staycation about an hour away. It should fit in the car without any problems, and it’ll provide joy at a location where we’re not 100% sure if there are any toys already there or not.

Priced at £20.99, the Bubble & Bake Bathtime Kitchen is suitable for ages 18 months+ and can be purchased at retailers like Amazon, Argos, and John Lewis.

So there you have it, three fun toy sets for International Bath Day!

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