Make maths fun with online math games!

When I was little, I remember really struggling with maths lessons at school, and I would work really hard to keep up with my peers. The adults in my life around me would often use flashcards, wooden cubes, and other things to invent math games to try and help me get my head around basic mathematical functions and learn things such as my times tables. I got there, but it wasn’t an easy process! Thankfully, now, there are much easier solutions to getting basic math skills down. Being a mother to two young children, I am so happy to see all kinds of fun maths games popping up on line – there is every kind of math game imaginable to help with all kinds of helpful math skills that will be useful in school and in real life!

Math games on

I have been particularly impressed with the games that are available on, and would totally encourage any other parents out there to go and have a look – there are some brilliant games. All of the math games are totally free to play and they work well on the computer, tablet, or phone. They have simple concepts so can be picked up easily, and there is a wide range of games available to play, so there is something for a wide variety of age ranges! I actually had fun checking out the games myself and testing my own mathematical abilities and skills – it was a fun brain exercise, even as an adult. 

I love the fact that the games are split into categories such as addition, subtraction, and numerical basics. This makes it really easy to find games on a certain topic. When I was young I really struggled with my times tables, so having a whole selection of games just focussed on this important mathematical skill would have helped me endlessly and made the learning process so much more fun! 

While scrolling through the games I noticed that many of them are themed, which is wonderful for kids that have a special interest. There are under the sea, retro video games, animal, and many more themes, where the whole game is set against a themed backdrop, adding a little extra layer of fun! 

As and when my children start to learn basic mathematical skills both at home and at school, I will look to these games. I will look to them in order for my child to practice their skills in a way that they find fun, and to solidify any areas in mathematics that they find tricky and need a little help to get their head around. These are also the kinds of games that I feel would make wonderful time fillers when waiting for dinner to be ready, or before school in the morning. Playing short games like this is a great way to get geared up for the school day ahead and to get into the right mindset to learn at school! 

If you have a spare five minutes then do go and check out these fun math games and see what you think, or better still, introduce them to your kids and see what they think!

*this is a sponsored post – all thoughts and opinions are my own

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