Getting Out When You’re Solo With Kids and Struggling 

A mother looks down at her baby lovingly while outside near the blue ocean

When you’re going solo with kids, it can feel like an impossible task to head out into the world for a daytrip or little holiday. Sometimes, it can feel like a mammoth task just walking to the local park, we know. If you’re struggling, we would recommend having a chat with your GP, but when it comes to getting out and about we can totally recommend taking baby steps. Here are some things that might help you! 

Prepare the night before

If you think you want to have a go at going out alone with the kids, get everything you might need ready and prepared the night before, when the kids are in bed. Pack a bag of snacks (and nappies and toys if you need them) and pop it in the buggy or in the car along with a spare change of clothes for everyone. Fill up water bottles and put them by the door ready to go, along with everyone’s coats and shoes. Having everything already prepared can make a really big difference mentally, and it can be the difference between going outside and staying in all day! 

Plan your trip

If going out seems too much, then plan a really small trip. Just walk to the corner shop with the kids, or around the block. By planning a tiny outing, you make the whole concept of going out seem a bit more manageable. Once you get to your destination, you might feel like you can go a bit further and stay out longer too! 

If this still feels like a bit much, then make full use of your garden if you’re lucky enough to have one. Getting the kids dressed for the outdoors and just sitting in the garden while you watch them play is a brilliant first step. The more you can do this with the kids, the more used to getting them ready to go out you’ll be, which will help when you want to venture further afield!

Ask a friend to join you

Explain to a trusted friend that you’re finding it difficult to get out and about with the kids, and ask them if they would come on a walk with you. Having a friend to give you a hand is an amazing help both mentally and physically! It can take some of the stress off, and sometimes some adult company is much needed when you’re a parent. 

Take Baby Steps

Don’t plan a big daytrip or holiday and then beat yourself up about it when you can’t face going. Instead, start going on small outings, and gradually build yourself up by going further afield and staying out longer each time. This way, you’ll know what your family need in order to be happy when you’re all out and about, and you’ll have had time to understand all of your individual needs for travelling and being out! 

Have Fun!

When you feel up to it, it can really help to plan to visit places you love. Head to your favourite local park, or maybe there’s a really cool art gallery somewhere nearby. By visiting places you genuinely love to spend time, you’re more likely to enjoy your time out. Show your kids all of your favourite sites and chat to them about why you love them! 

Any mums out there who are single or solo with kids, please do let us know if there are any destinations you’d like us to investigate. Check out our solo with kids travel series to see the places we have already covered!

A mother looks down at her baby lovingly while outside near the blue ocean
Credit: Unsplash

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